Volunteer Value: Surviving a Sunday Drive Accident

If you were one of the many who heard first aid, fire and police sirens blaring n the Rumson-Fair Haven area on Sunday afternoon, you probably also know by now that the accident that brought the brigade of emergency responders to the intersection of Ridge and Fair Haven roads left a Rumson couple literally a little flipped out and banged up, but alright and grateful.

Loujeanne Cuje and husband Michael, as a gratitude-filled Loujeanne told the story on social media, were headed to their Rumson home when they were t-boned by an as of yet unnamed driver in a Ferrari who, she said, “gunned it” out of Fair Haven Road onto Ridge.

The impact sent the couple for a tumble in their truck as it flipped “like pancakes.”

“When we were kids, my brother and I used to roll each other down the hill in our round toy box… who knew that skill would come in handy as as adult! I braced myself, winced and once again got out okay.”

Though Loujeanne, a photographer, after first aiders ushered the two to Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank to be checked, was compelled to tell their story with a few words and photos. Her motivation: gratitude for volunteers and friends.

Hundreds of people echoed her sentiments as they said they were also thrilled the couple made it out basically unscathed.

Jaws of Life were used to extricate the two, breaking through the front windshield glass, as husband Michael ended up “suspended like an acrobat by his seatbelt!” Loujeanne said. “FH (Fair Haven) team (police, fire, first aid) were awesome!!”

She took to social media on Monday afternoon, setting out to further express her gratitude …

“I’m not great with words but I so want to thank everyone who helped my husband Michael and I yesterday during and after our automobile accident. My eyes are tearing up just writing this because the response of kindness was beyond amazing. First, people passing in their cars stopped to check on us and offer their help- I wish I could acknowledge (and hug) each of you!! I was groggy and can’t remember much at that point! 

“The first aid responders, police and fire personnel were on site within minutes and their perfectly executed display of professionalism, kindness and teamwork was remarkable!!! I truly wish every town had such a team!!!
I do wish I could thank each and every one of you personally! I was terrified and you all made a frightening situation bearable. I will never ever forget your kindness- thank you so so so very much!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤ Truly, thank you all!!!”

Meanwhile, the Fair Haven Fire Department has been desperately seeking volunteers. The sign on the firehouse shows the plea; and, fire department members have been asking for more volunteers on social media lately.

Volunteerism has been on a downward trend for several years. Contact your local organizations to offer your assistance.

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management