Honoring MLK Day: Fair Haven’s Fisk Chapel Community

A reprise in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day of a look back into the hub of the cherished Fair Haven African-American community at Fisk Chapel, which is still standing today …

The Fair Haven Fisk Chapel AME Church is home to many community founders and their families. Its history juts deep into the entrenched roots of Fair Haven life

The modest little place and its humble, welcoming people have a very rich history all their own. A lot of the names and faces are traceable back to the early days of the church, back in the mid-1800s.

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Police Appreciation: Retro Rumson PD

It wouldn’t be a true honoring of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day without taking a look back at Rumson police as well, belated as it may be. They call the area the Rumson-Fair Haven area for a reason — community.

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Retro RFH Dudes’ Snow-Capped Pow-Wow

Well, the area saw another smattering of snow recently — only to make a brief entrance and exit right before Christmas. And, back in the day, some RFH students preferred such a setting for a little pow-wow outside. Well, it’s fitting for COVID times, but this little chat is happening with a pretty close encounter among friends, like RFHers may like it to be now. So, what’s a little snow and chill in the air? There’s no time like snow time, right? The kinship keeps things warm. Maybe the discussion was heated?

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Retro Close Santa Encounter

Little Evie Connor asks for a Christmas wish from Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse circa the 1960s
Photo/Connor family


A reprise from Dec. 13, 2018, because everyone needs a little reminder of Santa time close up and personal … 

As if one classic 1960s snapshot of a Fair Haven kid perched on Santa’s lap wasn’t enough … Clearly it wasn’t.

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Retro Santa Firehouse Visit Times

It’s the year without close Santa encounters. Santa came to town, but not to the Fair Haven firehouse, as with every year since the dawn of most area kids’ time. We’re told there have been some other masked, distanced Santa visits in 2020 pandemic holiday times, but the laptop visit is out, so is the firehouse extravaganza. So, in honor of the traditional visit, whispers, close-up scary gander at that beard, promises of being good and gifts, our annual reprise takes everyone back to that firehouse visit … or wherever … with Ol’ Saint Nick …

It’s that time of the year when a longstanding Fair Haven tradition has taken hold — photos at the firehouse with Santa.

It’s another Fair Haven tradition you can always count on.

I remember …

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Retro RFH Snow Day Drive

A reprise from February, right before the pandemic hit, in honor of the impending snow storm and nostalgia for the days of waiting for the snow day whistle to blow … Yes, before the morning phone call and electronic communications, there was only the fire horn to listen for on what all kids wished would be a snow day … No need for snow days in pandemic times. Virtually no need. Remember the horn?

It may or may not have been a snapshot of the infamous Blizzard of ’78, but there was not an SUV in sight, that’s for sure. Yes, those slick sedans slipped and slid their way right to school. Or not. There was a lot more fearlessness of the white stuff. That was the RFH golden rule of the era.

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Retro Chill RFH Surfer Dudes

RFH Class of ’78 surfing buddies Photo/George Day

With the chill in the air particularly stinging these days of moving toward winter and more isolation, we need a reminder that sunny days, warm beach weather and shoulder-to-shoulder togetherness and bonding is somewhere on the horizon. So, that in mind, sometimes we just need a classic reprise, just because … These RFH guys were and are so very cool and the memories are warm … Catch a wave and sit on top of this RFH world!

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