Retro Stoked Stokes Trippers

Every year, for more than half a century, Fair Haven sixth graders get stoked to go to Stokes State Forrest for a week of cabin camping and outdoor schooling and socializing. It’s a tradition.

And for the first time in more than half a century, the tradition has been broken due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today would have been the day that the happy little campers came home from their post-Memorial Day week of adventure with classmates, teachers and parents.

So, we take a look back at some Stokes moments of bunking, hiking, pranking, do-se-doing your partner and all-around exploring back in the 70s, from youngsters to those high school counselors. Remember those?

There were RFH seniors chosen to be counselors, dubbed CATS. Each couple of CATs was assigned to teach/counsel sixth graders in their area of expertise. There were bug experts, hiking troopers, rowing aficionados, swimmers, and story tellers, dancers, singers and guitar players.

There was a square dancing night. And there was plenty of practice that ensued before it. What square dancing song stands out in your memory? And how about those campfire nights? Song always sung? How about the traditional story told? Who got lost in the woods with the compass/pathfinders class? Who was a CAT?

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Retro RFH Rite of Passage: Close Donovan’s Encounters

Close encounters at an iconic RFH alum hang-out may be a thing of the past these days, but old memories of Donovan’s Reef times die hard. So do close RFH classmate relationships.

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Retro Rumson Eighth Graders’ Memorial Day

Rumson Boy Scouts at Memorial Day service circa early 1970s
Photo/George Day

Monday marked the first Memorial Day of the virtual kind. The day, usually kicked off by parades in Rumson and Fair Haven and solemn services at Victory and Memorial parks, respectively, brings people in communities together. Groups, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, honoring those who sacrificed their lives in service to the country, is the usual visual. Not Monday.

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Retro Fair Haven EMS Dive Squad Doings

This week is National EMS Week. These are the trained volunteers who show up when you’re in an emergency health situation, an accident or you just need a little help out of a situation. They’re a 911 call away.

In both Rumson and Fair Haven, first aid squads are comprised of residents who are trained and certified to respond to all of these emergencies, day and night.

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Retro Fair Haven Police Line-Up

Fair Haven PD in 2001 Photo/FHPD

In recognition of National Police Week, we are reposting this Retro Pic of the Day of Fair Haven police …

With National Police Week coming to a close, it’s only fitting that we take a look back at the Fair Haven Police Department. This look goes back to 2001. It features some officers who have since retired, some who have moved on and some who have passed.

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Retro Rumson Police Snapshot

Rumson police of the past Photo/Rumson PD Facebook page

It’s National Police Week. And it’s a National Police Week of a different kind this year.

Usually the week represents the culmination of the Police Unity Tour in which law enforcement officers from all over the nation ride bicycles to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C. to honor fallen officers. But, for the first time since before it began in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day, there is no ride due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is also no week of convergence in Washington to participate in the now longtime tradition of participation in events to honor fallen officers. But there is still remembrance.

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Retro Appreciation for a Tres Bon RFH French Teacher

Joseph Guillory circa 1970s
Joseph Guillory circa 1970s

To honor some favorite RFH teachers who have passed, we are re-running this tribute to RFH French teacher Joseph Guillory, originally published in 2015, an under-appreciated gem of a language teacher. Thank you, Monsieur Guillory. You are remembered and appreciated … 

C’est toute bien.

It’s all good. That’s how things were in Monsieur Guillory’s class at RFH back in the 1970s.

The patient, kind and slightly goofy guy who taught the honors French class for many years is gone. But, no, his students and former colleagues have not forgotten him.

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Retro Rumson Class Tripping with Appreciated Teachers

There’s nothing like some fine elementary school teaching moments … at the beach … with ice cream … and cool teachers sporting cat-eye sunglasses and pedal pushers.

That was the scene in this photo of Rumson Deane-Porter Elementary School second graders on a field trip in the late 1960s.

This week is all about teacher appreciation. And, on a sunny day in this dark, historic pandemic time, we take a look back and appreciate some warmth, closeness and fuzzy good memories of a day at the beach with teachers Mrs. Waters and Miss Deane. They were the kind of teachers to whom many an elementary tyke got very attached. All told, there was a lot of teacher crushing going on in this class.

So, it stands to reason that a class trip to the beach, with ice cream treats, no less, only endeared students more to these two teaching gems. The proof lies in this snapshot of an awful lot of warm teaching moments, courtesy of hip teachers and their passel of future RFH students staying close, totally content with their treats and good vibes. Mrs. Waters lived in Rumson and raised several children who were RFH students. Remember them? Her? How about Miss Deane?

Remember the days of the school trip, staying close and having a trip buddy so you would’t get lost? Who was yours? Know these kids? Memories of these teachers?

Many thanks to RFH alum Cindy Crowley for this great snapshot back in time!

Retro Appreciation for RFH English Teacher Bob Berberich

RFH English teacher Bob Berberich

The following tribute on Teacher Appreciation Week to an RFH teacher who has passed, Bob Berberich, was originally published in 2015. 

They’re the teachers who taught us how to communicate effectively, appreciate the English language and even motivate certain writers (ahem) to write — English teachers.

In keeping with our Teacher Appreciation Week theme of honoring unique RFH teachers who have passed, today we look back to the lessons learned from Bob Berberich.

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Retro RFH Gym Teacher Appreciation: Pat Robinson, a Near-Centenarian

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. And, ironically, May 4, the start of the week, marked the posthumous 100th birthday of a former longtime RFH gym teacher and field hockey coach — icon Pat Robinson, who passed away just shy of her centenarian milestone.

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