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Retro RFH Close Encounter Party Daze

On the heels of some teen partying over the bridge in Middletown that resulted in 20 positive COVID-19 test results and prompted emergency tracing by the township’s health department, we are reminded of a carefree partying time post graduation.

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Kevin Pfister: RFH’s New Principal

RFH Athletic Director and Interim Principal, Chris Lanzalotto, Board of Education President Annie McGinty, Kevin Pfister, and Superintendent Debra Gulick (l-r) are pictured after Pfister’s appointment at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, July 28.

A former Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) math teacher who began his education career at the high school is being called back — this time to the principal’s office.

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Retro RFHers’ Sizzling Cool Great Adventure

A summer day at Great Adventure with RFHers of the late 1970s/early ’80s.
Photo/Marc Edelman

Retro Pic of the Day reprise of an early 80s hot summer day trip adventure, because everyone needs a little coolness in their lives right now ...

The scorching summer heat lately has made taking a flying leap into a fountain, or any body of water, a goal to which many aspire — and attain as the need to cool down beckons.

In fact, summer days, for RFHers, weren’t always all about beach clubbing it and keeping cool, fun times local.

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Retro RFH Toga Partying Time

RFH Class of 1979 guys toga partying
Photo/George Day

Reprise of a favorite, because the heat is on for the weekend and everyone needs a little reminder of close, cool partying times … Toga!

Oh, the weekend has arrived … and what better way to celebrate than raising a glass to memories of an old toga party.  Remember those?

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Retro RFH Pool Boys

Taking a dive in the Monmouth Beach Club pool with some RFH guys in the 1970s.
Photo/RFH Class of ’79 reunion slideshow

Reprise. just because … there’s no better time to dive into some summer antics …

Yes, those beach boys of RFH are back again. Is it all clear to take dive into the pool yet? And we’re not talking clear of water …

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Retro RFH Beach Boys’ Million Dollar Pyramid

Summertime with RFH buddies at the beach
Photo/courtesy of Paul Hughes

It’s a summertime Retro Pic of the Day that just had to be seen again — from another view …

Sometimes a picture is really worth a million … dollar pyramid pose. But it’s really the backstory that gets the mind churning an the pyramid crumbling. Hey, these guys could easily fall for (or on) one another. It was a a close encounter time, after all. Oh, the horror … not so much. Though things can turn into a brand of happy horrific with a bunch of RFH boys on the beach.

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Retro RFH Best Buds & A Bridge Message

With RFHers’ graduation, sentimentality has set in. It’s that milestone summer of senior year … There’s nothing like a few best buds, a graduation summer, a message of forever friendship and the bridge — RFHers’ iconic cement billboard of sorts left over from the McCarter estate in Rumson.

So, to pay tribute to both buds and the bridge, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a glimpse of both in a milestone moment of friends paying homage to one another by painting the bridge way back in time.

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Unmasked: Retro Bridge Nude Beach Plea

With the new pandemic the edict from NJ Gov. Phil Murphy for people to now wear masks otdoors, we’re thinking … it’s pretty interesting to ponder how that may work on the nude beach at Sandy Hook. Bathing suits optional. Masks, not so much … Hey, whatever works and floats your sun bathing and swimming gondola …

There are many more beach days ahead, masked or unmasked. Suits or not There was a time, though, that the clothing optional part was a cause for which a large contingent of RFH nude beachgoers fought — gloves on. In fact, it was taken to the famed Rumson McCarter bridge for a bit of campaigning. Everyone knows how that went.

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Retro RFH BFFS’ Summer Ride

RFH girls’ ride into the summer of ’78 … Stephanie DeSesa, Elaine Van Develde, Debbie Humbert and Daryl Cooper Ley
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

There’s nothing quite like a summer drive in a classic car with the top down. So, we’re re-running this piece just because the sun needs to shine on friendships and good times like these. There’s nothing quite as warm. Put the top down and take a drive back with us again … 

The drive is all the better if it’s made with best friends. So, as a continuing ode to summer fun of the past at the hands of RFH teens, the Retro Pic of the Day encapsulates the whole idea — best friends, a cool ride and warm memories.

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Retro RFH Graduation: The Daisy Chain Girl

RFH 1978 graduation in front of the high school, replete with daisy chain
Photo/Daryl Cooper Ley

The following was originally posted in May of 2017. It is being re-run in honor of graduation, time honored traditions past and this RFH Daisy Chain girl of ’78, who passed away in February of 2018 — Daryl Cooper Ley.

In high school social circles, it was considered a popularity status symbol to be chosen for the chain. Daryl wasn’t all too thrilled about it at the time. It had confirmed what her closest friends knew. That she was cool. It was often repeated to her. “I didn’t think so,” was always her answer. Sorry, Dar. We win. Got the last word. You were. RIP, Dar. You are remembered … in our hearts, souls and print, like it or not! Love you forever more. Oh, she would kill me

It was considered a privilege and honor. They were chosen from the junior class at RFH to serve as the debutante-like ushers for the graduating class. All dressed in white and supposedly gracefully toting a chain of daisies, the Daisy Chain girls were a fixture of high school finery at graduations in the 1970s.

The origins of the somewhat upper-crust tradition date back to the 1900s, but this Retro Pic of the Day was snapped in 1978.

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Retro RFH Grad Moments

It’s half past pandemic graduation time. The RFH Class of 2020 had its drive-by celebration last night. A virtual ceremony is to come and still more.

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