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Retro FH Tigers Cheer!

Fair Haven Tigers cheerleaders circa 1973 or '74 Photo/courtesy of Karen Memmot Hooten
Fair Haven Tigers cheerleaders circa 1973 or ’74
Photo/courtesy of Karen Memmot Hooten

A reprise of a cheery Retro Pic of the Day, originally posted in September of 2016, in honor of the spirit of football for the pint-and-a-half sized of the Rumson-Fair Haven area … 

Can we have a retro cheer for the football season of a pandemic kind ahead?

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Retro RFH Caribbean Spirits

Pandemic cheer. A reprise Retro Pic of the Day, originally posted on Sept. 14, 2016 in the spirit of the last official day of summer, knowing that the summer spirit never truly ends for the Rumson-Fair Haven area young and forever young at heart …  

With the start and end of local summer and school (in or out of the classroom), students’ thoughts naturally turn to warmth and freedom. They start to daydream.

And as it gets cooler outside, those daydreams tend to have a festive tropical island motif — well, this one anyway.

Back in the 1970s, RFH students, or a gaggle of guys, anyway, manifested those thoughts of warmer beach days, among other valiant party pursuits, into a club — The Caribbean Club.

These guys beached it in Sea Bright or somewhere along the Shrewsbury River throughout the school year. Leaving behind their bathing trunks, clad in those classic RFH button down shirts, sometimes flannel, sweaters, Levis and topsiders, the dozen of these senior dudes sought sunsets on the Shrewsbury, beer (yes, beer), parties and a proper “bon voyage for seniors embarking on the cruise of life,” so goes the description of the club in the 1975 RFH Yearbook.

Well, they did have a charitable mission. They sponsored Halloween and Christmas parties.

Somehow we’re thinking that this club would have never cut it in this era, much less made it to the yearbook touting a partying prowess. So, “Cheers!” to the Caribbean Club of yesteryear and its daydreaming days.

You guys are truly RFH policy antiques.

Who knows where the Caribbean Club hosted its most notable parties? Were you there?

— Elaine Van Develde

Fair Remembrance: My Grand Daddy of the Stock Room

The following piece was originally published on Aug. 31, 2015. It is being re-run, with changes only in the amount of years that have passed, in memory of my father, Bill Van Develde, former longtime Fair Haven Fire Company member, president and captain of the Fire Police and chairman of the stock room at the fair, on the anniversary of his death on Aug. 30, 1983. RIP, Dad. You are missed. Thank you for all the embarrassing moments that I didn’t appreciate enough. Thank you for making Fair Haven my home. Thank you for being a real dad. See you next year on the fair grounds …

Retro Fair Haven Firemen's Fair stock room days in the 1970s Photo/FHFD booklet
Retro Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair stock room days in the 1970s
Photo/FHFD booklet

By Elaine Van Develde

It’s been 37 years, but I can still see his face and that kooky Brylcreemed hairdo. I can still hear his crazy belly laugh and that signature “Take ‘er easy, buddy!” I can still see him slapping kids on the back, forever clutching his trusty clipboard, pencil perched behind his ear, sweat on the brow and finger wagging.

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R-FH Area Weekly Snapshot: Looking Back & Ahead, Weather, Tides, COVID & Pics

When the rain clears and the sun shines, shadows are cast. They offer a perspective of what’s behind, ahead and sometimes the view from beneath the surface. So, that in mind, we take a look back at last week, what’s to come this week and a little peek from beneath the surface in news, features and photos from under the Fair Haven Dock.

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Retro River Ratting II

River Rats of the 1970s
Photo/Marc Edelman

A reprise, just because … the river is a time-honored hangout spot, great for what ails a kid or adult mid-pandemic, plenty of room to distance, and now with a possible threat of sharks. No murder hornets sighted yet … Remember the simpler times of close river encounters? The best of kids’ stuff …

It’s Friday, have you hung out with your River Rats this week?

It’s that longtime rat pack with which kids sail away the summer — River Rats.

Summers, since 1955, a group gathers at the end of Battin Road in Fair Haven to learn how to sail and bond. You’ve gotten a glimpse into those summer days down by the river with the good rats before.

This is yet another, more expansive shot.

It’s the Retro Pic of the Day circa 1970s; and it’s brought to us by RFH grad Marc Edelman.

Recognize anyone? Not in it? Rats!

Retro Fair Haven Gals’ Show Boating

The heat is on. Mid-heatwave pandemic pandemonium, the Fair Haven Fire Department is desperately seeking volunteers.

And, back in the day, the 1960s day, fire company volunteerism was a job sought after by a large contingent of residents. They loved being a part of the fire company family. And that it was.

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Retro RFHers’ Sizzling Cool Great Adventure

A summer day at Great Adventure with RFHers of the late 1970s/early ’80s.
Photo/Marc Edelman

Retro Pic of the Day reprise of an early 80s hot summer day trip adventure, because everyone needs a little coolness in their lives right now ...

The scorching summer heat lately has made taking a flying leap into a fountain, or any body of water, a goal to which many aspire — and attain as the need to cool down beckons.

In fact, summer days, for RFHers, weren’t always all about beach clubbing it and keeping cool, fun times local.

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Retro RFH Toga Partying Time

RFH Class of 1979 guys toga partying
Photo/George Day

Reprise of a favorite, because the heat is on for the weekend and everyone needs a little reminder of close, cool partying times … Toga!

Oh, the weekend has arrived … and what better way to celebrate than raising a glass to memories of an old toga party.  Remember those?

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Retro RFH Beach Boys’ Million Dollar Pyramid

Summertime with RFH buddies at the beach
Photo/courtesy of Paul Hughes

It’s a summertime Retro Pic of the Day that just had to be seen again — from another view …

Sometimes a picture is really worth a million … dollar pyramid pose. But it’s really the backstory that gets the mind churning an the pyramid crumbling. Hey, these guys could easily fall for (or on) one another. It was a a close encounter time, after all. Oh, the horror … not so much. Though things can turn into a brand of happy horrific with a bunch of RFH boys on the beach.

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Retro RFH Best Buds & A Bridge Message

With RFHers’ graduation, sentimentality has set in. It’s that milestone summer of senior year … There’s nothing like a few best buds, a graduation summer, a message of forever friendship and the bridge — RFHers’ iconic cement billboard of sorts left over from the McCarter estate in Rumson.

So, to pay tribute to both buds and the bridge, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a glimpse of both in a milestone moment of friends paying homage to one another by painting the bridge way back in time.

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