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Retro RFH Hunt Party Starters II

RFHers get supplies to the tailgates at The Hunt in the late 1970s or early 80s
Photo/RFH reunion slideshow screenshot

So, at last retro view of The Hunt, RFHers were making their way onto the grounds of the Amory Haskell estate in the late 1970s or early 80s with lots supplies and spirit (or spirits) in tow.

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Retro Going to The Hunt

The Hunt in the 1990s
Photo/courtesy of Hetty Tegen

The Hunt. The Hunt. It was the annual October social gathering of the century in Monmouth County — from 1932 until 1996.

The Hunt, really the Haskell Hunt or Monmouth County Hunt Race Meet. It was where all good Rumson-Fair Haven area hob-knobbers, uppercrusters and hill voyeurs of the famously elite lifestyle gathered on the Amory Haskell Estate in Middletown, pretended to watch horses race and chase a fox, clinked crystal champagne flutes, donned designer duds, and sometimes did a little tipsy debutante tumble in the mud — all in good company. And there were many cheers to the festivity of it all!

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