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Retro RFH Freshmen Show Folk

It’s that time of the RFH school year when the Tower Players are readying their fall production. This year it’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and curtain goes up three days from now.

Shows have always been a tradition at RFH — every high school, for that matter. There are usually two: a fall drama and a spring musical.

But, back in the 1970s, there was more. Seniors had an end-of-the-year variety show and, for a short stint, freshmen had a follies. And in the fall of 1974, all freshmen talent was pooled and the follies show went on.

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Retro Supreme RFH Talent

A Supreme act in the 1974 RFH Freshmen Follies Photo/George Day

Oh, the rain has stopped and the clouds have made way for crisp, sunny fall air. That’s definitely something to sing about — even dance about. No rain dances please, though.

That’s one thing. But another is that fall in RFH land has customarily been the season for shows — a Tower Players production and/or a variety show of sorts.

And, back in those 70s days, there was an annual Freshmen Follies. Yes, there was. Nothing quite like it anymore — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But, this show was something special. It got the newbies in the high school up, out of their freshmen shy shells and spewing all sorts of talent.

Back in 1974, a few guys took playing to that talent show tune to heart and set themselves free on stage. They got some wigs (don’t ask from where), some of mom’s mod maxi dresses, a little glitter and even a floppy hat (Hey, they were in!) and they sang something supreme — literally.

These guys were Diana Ross and the Supremes. Kevin Reed, if we’re not mistaken, was Diana, albeit a shorter version with nowhere near the amount of hair. The floppy hat was a substitute. And the other three, well, they were the Supremes.

Know what song they were singing? Anyone? And who are those other beauties. Don’t be shy now …

Someone set them free … Talk about a good wig-out! Priceless.

— Elaine Van Develde

Again, we thank George Day for this supreme gem! 

Retro RFH Supremes of ’74

RFH Freshmen Follies '74 and the Diana Ross and The Supremes act. Photo/George Day
RFH Freshmen Follies ’74 and the Diana Ross and The Supremes act.
Photo/George Day

It’s just about show time at RFH.

Fall is the time of the year that the stage is set for the first theatrical production of the school year.

This year at RFH, that production is The Faerie King’s Daughter. 

But, back in 1974, something else was a stage happening besides the Tower Players’ show. It was a more, let’s say, talent diverse stage extravaganza involving anyone in the freshman class in one or a few group and/or solo acts. It was the RFH Freshmen Follies.

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