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Focus: Remembering Superstorm Sandy’s Wrath

A reprise from 2017. Taking you back again after eight years … Remember?

It was the year that Halloween wasn’t, but was in a sense. People in the area woke up to a nightmare, if they slept at all the night before. It was 2012 and Superstorm Sandy had pummeled the Jersey Shore. It decimated Sea Bright and destroyed low lying parts of Rumson. Fair Haven was a bit war torn and powerless.

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Retro RFH Halloween Parade Prep


RFH ghouls, or something like that, on parade in 1977
Photo/George Day

In honor of the Halloween season, a reprise Retro Pic of the Day originally posted in 2015 … 

It’s all about Halloween festivities in an unprecedented trick, treat and haunting era right now in the Rumson-Fair Haven area. There’s distancing where there was a lot of congregating. And while the era of high alert for razors in apples is a bygone one, now there’s a pandemic, rules about touching, masking, more masking, less tricking and more careful treating. But, the Halloween show goes on. 

So, to honor the crowded gathering of ghouls in socially distanced days, we take a look back at the RFH prep for parading as all seniors packed themselves into the lounge, mingled and tried to figure out who was what and why and just have some fun. 

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Retro Hunt Tailgating

Tailgating at The Hunt in the late 1970s to early 80s
Photo/RFH reunion slideshow screenshot

It’s still that Hunt time of the year, so having a reprise of a classic Hunt tailgating party, originally posted on Oct. 18, 2017, seemed only right. Right? Just in case you missed it, take a look back and remember the tailgating party … 

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Scene Around: Commandeering a Coffin

Fill ‘er up … with premium Halloween tricks and treats!

It’s not every day that you stop at a gas station and almost get run over by a masked Dracula-commandeered coffin. This ghoul guy was running on empty when he swung into the station in Highlands with flailing cape gusto and had a little topple at the pump.

“Did ya get that?” the masked marauder said as he picked himself up from the pavement and dusted off his cape. All gassed up and set in his coffin ride, he gave us a few waves and went on his way.

Just who was that masked Halloween treat of a man? No clue. Uber? No back seat. Can’t exactly commandeer that ride. But, hey, if the coffin fits, take a spin and a little spill.

— Photos/Elaine Van Develde

Rumson Police Report: Theft & Drug Possession

The following September arrests were reported by Rumson police. An arrest does not constitute a conviction.

  • Anthony Goltsch, 40, of Manchester, was arrested in the area of East River Road and Washington Street on Sept. 30 and charged with multiple counts of theft Detective Donald Schneider.
  • Jack Dawson, 19, of Rumson, was arrested in the area of Brookside Drive on Sept. 13 and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) and possession of drug paraphernalia by Special Officer Christopher Ibarra.

Retro Falling for Three RFH Guys & a Skateboard

Triple threat RFH guys’ skate in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

Back by popular demand … A reprise of this fall day of skateboarding in the 1970s for some pandemic cheer.

You’ve seen them before … this crew of daring, not so diabolical RFH guys who had a little skateboarding club. Call these views the triple threats.

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Focus: Rumson Gull Friends’ River Heaven

It’s often been viewed as a slice of heaven — solace time down by the Navesink River.

And on a sunny fall Sunday, the seagulls were basking in the scene on the banks of the river in Rumson. A gentle fluff of clouds embraced a blue sky and peering sun with warmth as the gulls manned heaven’s gate.

Swoop with the gulls into the slice of this utopia. They’ve called you home — to this heaven.

(Click to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!)

— Photos/Elaine Van Develde

Focus: Freedom Festival Rockin’ in Sea Bright

A sunny Sunday made for a festival first in Sea Bright.

In a niche by the boardwalk, music played for a few hours as people gathered to soak up some seaside sun, listen to speakers, take part in activities, peruse booths and tents, mingle and gather resource information for addiction recovery as the First Annual Fall Freedom Festival got underway.

The aim of the festivals is to “offer free resources for freedom from addiction, fear and co-dependency,” a banner said. “Uniting Resources for the Courage to Change,” the subhead of the banner said.

Take at the photo gallery below for a glimpse into the event … (Click to enlarge!)

Retro RFH Fall R & R

Lounging on the VW at RFH in the 1970s
Photo/RFH Yearbook


A reprise as an ode to an old normal and return of those sunny fall days we’ve been having … 

Everyone’s falling for the summery fall in the Rumson-Fair Haven area  lately. It makes an RFH student want to escape the classroom with a spring fever-like fervor.

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Living The Dream: Going Home with Chef Arturo Balderas’ Dos Banditos

The waft of a scent, snippet of a sight, taste of a home-cooked morsel. It’s an unfailing recipe that brings the happy child in anyone back home. And some have a wish. A wish to bring a slice of their home comfort to others to share like family.

Chef Arturo Balderas had that wish. A dream. That dream came true recently. Now, like a big pot of Mexican pozole, steeped in family love, the chef is sharing the very best of his home and heart in authentic Mexican street food at his new dream restaurant, Dos Banditos, in Fair Haven. It’s an homage to his childhood, his parents Mercedes Gonzalez and Julio Balderas, both of whom he lost in the past couple of years. He’s now sharing all with which they and his extended family enriched his life. Sustenance. Those who know Arturo say, “he’s just generous in that way.”

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