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Retro Powering Through: Light in Dark Sandy Times

Well, Tropical Storm Isaias ripped through the Rumson-Fair Haven area like an angry NIMBY, leaving lots of carnage, uncanny sun and power outages in its wake.

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Retro Fair Haven Gals and a Fair Prize Boat

It’s a historic time in which we’re living. As if a worldwide pandemic wasn’t enough. There was that recent threat of murder hornets. Then came some near too-hot-to handle heatwaves. And now, well, power’s out, summer heat’s on and there’s no Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair reward light at the end of the bad times tunnel.

So, we take you back, again, to the sequel of those firehouse girls-on-the-boat photos for a bit of cheer and some coolness, too.

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In Memorium: Fourth-Generation Rumsonite, Former Borough Administrator, Public Servant, Gary Sammon, 77

Rumson is in mourning for a longtime resident and public servant whom many credit for making the borough what it is today.

Fourth-generation Rumsonite and former Borough Administrator Gary Sammon passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday, Aug. 2, surrounded by loving family that cared for him over the last year. He was 77.

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Speaking to People: Fair Haven Icon Dorothy Breckenridge’s Final Crossing

She took her own advice. She didn’t set her foot down off that curb until the time was right. She listened. She heard. She waited for her own cue to speak. And she walked, ever so gracefully, a nod of acknowledged gratitude to each person to whom she spoke along her life’s path. She had heard herself crow with pride one last time, “CROOOOOOSSSSSS!”

Strong, stop-sign hands extended, the stalwart, kind Fair Haven woman who spent nearly 20 years “speaking” to children and crossing them safely to the other side of the road has crossed over herself at the age of 90. She was Dorothy Breckenridge.

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Retro Fair Haven Gals’ Show Boating

The heat is on. Mid-heatwave pandemic pandemonium, the Fair Haven Fire Department is desperately seeking volunteers.

And, back in the day, the 1960s day, fire company volunteerism was a job sought after by a large contingent of residents. They loved being a part of the fire company family. And that it was.

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Retro RFH Close Encounter Party Daze

On the heels of some teen partying over the bridge in Middletown that resulted in 20 positive COVID-19 test results and prompted emergency tracing by the township’s health department, we are reminded of a carefree partying time post graduation.

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Kevin Pfister: RFH’s New Principal

RFH Athletic Director and Interim Principal, Chris Lanzalotto, Board of Education President Annie McGinty, Kevin Pfister, and Superintendent Debra Gulick (l-r) are pictured after Pfister’s appointment at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, July 28.

A former Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) math teacher who began his education career at the high school is being called back — this time to the principal’s office.

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Retro Summer Fair Haven Dock Days

Summer days down by the Fair Haven Dock
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

A 2016 reprise, because it’s summertime and such close summer encounters aren’t so easy these days, but we can remember at several years’ distance and summon them back…

Summer fun in Fair Haven doesn’t get any simpler or more treasured than ending the day down by the Fair Haven Dock, sand between the toes, a few antics up the sleeve, a little seaweed in the shorts, and a crab or 20. Dock time has been a time-honored tradition for kids since, well, the dawn of time.

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Volunteer Value: Surviving a Sunday Drive Accident

If you were one of the many who heard first aid, fire and police sirens blaring n the Rumson-Fair Haven area on Sunday afternoon, you probably also know by now that the accident that brought the brigade of emergency responders to the intersection of Ridge and Fair Haven roads left a Rumson couple literally a little flipped out and banged up, but alright and grateful.

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Lending a Fist in a Native Fair Havenite’s Fight

The following story was originally posted on Dec. 14, 2019. Much has happened since then in forever Fair Havenite Rich Chandler’s fight against a rare, aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma. Updates, including the following post by sister, Carol, tell the story of Rich’s unrelenting desire to win his fight against cancer.

He has tried and will continue to try any treatment out there. He’s got the will, his family says with fervor. He just needs the way. And a little help from friends has never been needed more. Carol’s May 7 update tells a bit of the story. Daughter Kayla’s story of her dad’s journey continues with her Chandler Strong t-shirt drive.

Read all about it and click on the link at the end of the story to donate.

Your hometown community is fighting for and with you, Rich!

Carol Chandler West’s GoFundMe update …

On May 7th, Richard started bleeding heavily again and was rushed to Riverview Hospital. The next day he was transferred to RWJ for surgery to stop the bleeding.

At this time, Richard was told there was nothing more they can do for him.

He is now in a rehabilitation center. Upon release, we pray that Sloan Kettering, after reviewing Rich’s medical file, will take him on as a new patient and come up with something that RWJ team could not.

He does not want to give up – he is ready to fight!!!

Miracles do happen – please take the time and pray for Rich and send some encouraging words to lift his spirits.

With much gratitude … The Chandler Family

Rich’s daughter, Kayla’s t-shirt campaign …

He’s a dad. He’s a brother. He’s a friend. He’s a drummer who’s got the beat and fighting to keep it going strong. He’s a cherisher of life and love. He’s a native Fair Havenite. He’s Richard Chandler. He’s in a fight for his life and he needs a few fists full of strength, love, compassion and funds to help him knock out a cancer ogre and stand tall through it all.

Chandler Strong is what his family has dubbed his fight. And they, along with many friends of Richard’s, are in it to win it. It’s not the lottery, but it sometimes feels like a villainous game of chance to Richard’s loved ones. With funds depleted, they decided to reach out and ask for some help via a GoFundMe page to ease some of the heavy burden borne by the family as illness weighs down, but they’re determined, won’t crush Richard.

“I know I can say, and I hope one day MANY others too, that I am strong, Chandler Strong!” Richard’s daughter Kayla said in a post on a Facebook page started to summon more strength for her dad in the community.

“My name is Kayla Chandler, and I am the daughter of a (now) two time cancer survivor and hopefully after treatments this time around, a third. Surviving is not just beating something, but completely conquering it and all it has brought and may continue to bring. To see the fight is empowering and inspiring, but to be the fighter must be so much more than that … “Through strength and hope, I can only wish that over time it will help heal my father along with the medication and love/support he’s been receiving from the many beautiful people in our lives.”

Kayla Chandler, Richard Chandler’s daughter

“For the last four years, I have watched my brother, Rich, go through extensive surgeries and different forms of chemotherapy and radiation treatments,” sister Carol said on the GoFundMe page. “Unfortunately, this monster has returned for a third time.

“In December 2016, he was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma, originally located in his lymph nodes. It was then found in the groin region, and over time has spread to his urethra, upper thigh and hip region. To watch Rich struggle physically is breaking my heart because of the good, happy soul I have always known him to be. As if his medical issues are not enough, he worries how he will support his family and himself since he is unable to work due to his medical condition. The bills are mounting up!”

It is the sincere hope of Richard’s friends and family that he will soon, once again, “be able to do what he was born to do — bring his gift of music to the ears and souls of people again,” Carol continued.

Richard was back in his Fair Haven hometown, the place many generations of Chandlers called home, staying with his sister Liz.

The family, Carol said, is more than grateful for any bit of help offered to Rich.

So far, the GoFundMe fundraiser has raised $17,366 of a $25,000 goal.

Click here to help Richard with a donation — every little bit of which is appreciated, the family said.

Stay Chandler Strong, Rich!

Retro RFHers’ Sizzling Cool Great Adventure

A summer day at Great Adventure with RFHers of the late 1970s/early ’80s.
Photo/Marc Edelman

Retro Pic of the Day reprise of an early 80s hot summer day trip adventure, because everyone needs a little coolness in their lives right now ...

The scorching summer heat lately has made taking a flying leap into a fountain, or any body of water, a goal to which many aspire — and attain as the need to cool down beckons.

In fact, summer days, for RFHers, weren’t always all about beach clubbing it and keeping cool, fun times local.

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