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Retro Rumson Kids’ Day at the P-House Beach

A day at the beach for Rumson Deane-Porter students in the 60s
Photo/courtesy of Cindy Crowley

Oh, it’s a line-up of the socially close kind, alright. Not the kind you see at those iconic Sea Bright clubs and restaurants these days. That’s for sure. Wishful thinking manifested in a normal we all want back is what we see in this Retro Pic of the Day — a close-up Rumson buddies’ day at the beach.

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Retro Rumson Class Tripping with Appreciated Teachers

There’s nothing like some fine elementary school teaching moments … at the beach … with ice cream … and cool teachers sporting cat-eye sunglasses and pedal pushers.

That was the scene in this photo of Rumson Deane-Porter Elementary School second graders on a field trip in the late 1960s.

This week is all about teacher appreciation. And, on a sunny day in this dark, historic pandemic time, we take a look back and appreciate some warmth, closeness and fuzzy good memories of a day at the beach with teachers Mrs. Waters and Miss Deane. They were the kind of teachers to whom many an elementary tyke got very attached. All told, there was a lot of teacher crushing going on in this class.

So, it stands to reason that a class trip to the beach, with ice cream treats, no less, only endeared students more to these two teaching gems. The proof lies in this snapshot of an awful lot of warm teaching moments, courtesy of hip teachers and their passel of future RFH students staying close, totally content with their treats and good vibes. Mrs. Waters lived in Rumson and raised several children who were RFH students. Remember them? Her? How about Miss Deane?

Remember the days of the school trip, staying close and having a trip buddy so you would’t get lost? Who was yours? Know these kids? Memories of these teachers?

Many thanks to RFH alum Cindy Crowley for this great snapshot back in time!