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Retro FH First Aid & Fire Company Family: The Langs

By Elaine Van Develde

With the line officers in the Fair Haven First Aid Squad all women for 2016, we are reminded that it was not all that long ago that it was just men in the squad — really, until the 1980s.

Yet, there is another attribute of first aiders, among other emergency responders, that is worthy of mention. Many times, the calling to help the community is a family affair.

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Retro Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair’s Head Balloon Lady

Sally Van Develde selling balloons at the Fair Haven Firemen's Fair Grab Bag Booth
Sally Van Develde selling balloons at the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair Grab Bag Booth

Growing up in Fair Haven with parents in the fire company, Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair time meant time spent inflating punch balls during the day and helium balloons at night.

That’s because my mom, Sally, ran the Grab Bag Booth in the 1970s and 80s. It was the go-to spot for kids whose parents had a losing streak at the game booths and needed to buy consolation fair memento.

During the day, the kids of the Grab Bag Booth ladies would hang out in the fire truck bays at the firehouse with an air hose, a bag of deflated punch balls and a lot of silly compadres. And so the blowing up went, with lots of giggles and a few bursts … and more giggles.

And at night, the balloon dude would roll Windy over to the booth — a helium tank covered with a creepy clown face. And there either I, my mom or another young volunteer would stand, affixing a plastic gadget at the end of deflated balloons onto Windy’s big red mouth — one after the other — all night.

It was a sought-after job. After all, the kids helping at the fair got tickets — cards that could be used as money for food and/or rides. My mom loved her little helpers and treated them well. And, at the end of the night, before Windy went bye-bye, we inflated balloons, inhaled the helium and talked like Donald Duck.

That was when we thought we were way too cool for any other booth helper’s shoes.

Oh, wait. Did I say that? Somehow I don’t think inhaling helium at a fair night’s close would fly like an escaped balloon these days. Oh, well. A good memory was made, it was fun and, guess what? No harm was done.

Here’s a secret about Sally the balloon lady: She was known to be a major contributor to the helper kids’ giggles by taking a random hit of helium and saying silly things to them. If you knew Sally …

Thank you from the kids and me, my mom Sally, the head fair balloon lady!