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Retro RFH ‘Hunt’ Party Starters

RFHers at The Hunt of the late 1970s or early 80s
Photo/RFH reunion slideshow screenshot


A reprise from an original 2017 post all about The Hunt. It’s that time of the year, and we all need a little bit of retro cheer, so here’s to fond Hunt memories revisited! Happy Hunting in your dreams …

It takes a … bunch, yeah, a bunch of RFHers to get a Hunt party started.

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Retro Going to The Hunt

The Hunt in the 1990s
Photo/courtesy of Hetty Tegen

The Hunt. The Hunt. It was the annual October social gathering of the century in Monmouth County — from 1932 until 1996.

The Hunt, really the Haskell Hunt or Monmouth County Hunt Race Meet. It was where all good Rumson-Fair Haven area hob-knobbers, uppercrusters and hill voyeurs of the famously elite lifestyle gathered on the Amory Haskell Estate in Middletown, pretended to watch horses race and chase a fox, clinked crystal champagne flutes, donned designer duds, and sometimes did a little tipsy debutante tumble in the mud — all in good company. And there were many cheers to the festivity of it all!

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