Simple Summer’s End: Beaching it with a Retired Knollwood Teacher & Friend

Jenifer Weber-Zeller and retired Knollwood School teacher, Pat Egan, enjoy a summer moment together.
Photo/Jenifer Weber-Zeller

It’s pretty simple. The sun is out. The beach is beckoning. Old friends of different generations decide to take it all in together.

That’s a simple summer treat. This particular end of summer jaunt last week involved a Rumsonite and a former Fair Haven School District teacher — Jenifer Weber-Zeller and Pat Egan.

Jen and Pat have a special bond. They get together regularly, keep one another company, find an adventure on which to embark and learn a few lessons that span generations from one another. Mostly, they enjoy one another’s company.

Many remember Pat from Knollwood School. She taught a few things, but was quite well-known for her unique approach to teaching geography. She would tell parents that by the time the school year was finished, their kids would know the world map like the back of their hand. And they did.

Jen, an RFH grad who was active in Tower Players, the mime troupe at the high school and The Barn Theater down the road, has been in the area for most of her life and is still in Rumson.

These old-new besties are determined to map out and stage many more fun, creative and educational days together.

Now that’s some simple summer motivation for all ages!


John Caroli
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