Simple Summer: Val’s Manager, Music,Buds & Birthdays

Val’s Tavern manager Kevin Feehan takes a break with a buddy from performing on his birthday last weekend at Ron’s West End Pub.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Nothing says good simple summer times like a sunny day, a serenade by a familiar local face and just plain fun with friends. Oh, and a couple of coincidental birthdays, to boot.

That’s what happened last weekend when Rumson’s Val’s Tavern’s manager Kevin Feehan, also a musician, provided music on the veranda at Ron’s West End Pub, a bit south of his Rumson Val’s work turf (in West End), on his birthday, no less.

Feehan played and sang to a  packed patio and shared the stage with a few talented buddies.

And on the subject of birthdays …

Coincidentally, it’s a big birthday year for Val’s, too. The neighborhood tavern that’s been known for decades as the time-honored Rumson-Fair Haven area gathering spot for locals catching up over a cold one, RFH reunions, after-game celebrations, that iconic lobster (pizza) pie just turned 75.  The place opened in 1942 and has changed hands since.

The festivities celebrating the classic Rumson clubhouse of a different kind began on Saturday and will continue until the fete is accompli — though it may never end.

The local sentiment is that there’s always commemoration of one kind or another going on at Val’s. So, here’s another — Happy Birthday to Val’s and Kevin Feehan!

Celebrating and summering at Val’s and/or with Val’s crew. It’s as simple as that — especially for Rumson-Fair Haven area folks.

Recognize the buddy posing with birthday boy Feehan?

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