Simple Summer: Fishin’ for Sunny Dock Daze

The summer of 2020 has been anything but simple — pandemic, tropical storm rip, power outage, murder hornets. And then down came the rain …

Sunny side up, though, the Fair Haven Dock is still standing, the Navesink. River is still there. And when the sun comes out and, as the kids’ song goes, “dries up all the rain,” the itsy bitsy, yet so grand, pleasure of a river walk and fishing for some fresh-caught dinner or serenity morsels is a simple summer anchor.

The veracity of river time’s healing powers is ageless, enduring. So, cast your line and let it fall at the river again as you wait for the sun to come out. Then soak it all up, as in these Simple Summer dock times captured.

Take a look at good times at the dock late last week for a little rainy day solace … (Don’t forget to click to enlarge! Enjoy!)

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management