Simple Summer: Fair Haven Campout

The concept doesn’t get any simpler for summer — a tent, some games, some snacks, some buddies, a movie and sleeping (sort of) under the stars far enough outside of your own back yard to call it an outing.

It’s what kids and parents gathered to do on Saturday in Fair Haven. It was the borough’s annual campout at Fair Haven Fields.

It was still steaming hot at tent pitching time — around 7 p.m..

The Fair Haven Recreation Department helpers were ready and curbside at the fields and set to inform campers about the rules and regs. And the concession stand was staffed. But, well, by 7:30 p.m., only two sets of campers had arrived.

The helpers anticipated that more would show when the movie started at 8:45 and they were ready!

This is how this simple summer night of new local tradition got started on Saturday. These guys in the featured photo were a little wilted from the humidity, but still smiling and energetic enough to kid around with each other a little. Though, one of them reflected that he thinks he always has a “reluctant gaze” when photographed. Hmmm. Can you guess which is the reluctant reflector?

If you have any photos of the campout after perhaps more campers arrived and more fun ensued or fewer campers looked “reluctant,” send them to us at for our camp night slideshow for later. 

— Elaine Van Develde

John Caroli
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