Scene Around: Weather, Tides, COVID & River View

Well, last week wound down with electricity still down and out in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, but sun spirits up for those who took advantage of the water’s calming effect.

For instance, there was lots of sun and distanced recreating down by (and in) the Navesink River at Rumson’s Victory Park. There were sitters, strollers, tubers, basketball kids and just plain revelers.

Most eateries in the area were also on a lights out lockdown, like Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson. Many arrived at opening time for some river time and good time-honored iconic grub only to see some sad looking unopened table umbrellas, cones blocking the new outside dining area.

Power out at Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson last week
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Some powered through with generators and sporadic electric, like Tavolo Pronto in Fair Haven and Undici and Val’s in Rumson.

Power by generator and open doors at Fair Haven’s Tavolo Pronto
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

No ice cream after dinner or lunch, though. Nicolas Creamery in Fair Haven was all dark and closed as was Crazee’s in Rumson. Darn. The Cellar in Fair Haven was open, though. It was a second to ice cream for some. A first for regulars.

No ice cream treats from Nicholas in Fqir Haven last week
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

But that’s all in last week’s past, though. Monday began with mostly all in the R-FH area with restored electric and more restoration on the way. Still, many took to social media with angst over the slow restoration, feeling as if the primary power company, JCP&L had not learned its lesson from Superstorm Sandy.

For many, generators kept things running anyway. The hum and clatter could be heard over the lapping river.

The weather in the week ahead …

As the week goes on, those who lost power are glad to have it back along with the rising humidity and thunderstorm threats in the week ahead’s weather forecast. Temperatures, according to the National Weather Service, will fluctuate in the 80s with fog and chance of rain ranging from 30 to 40 percent nearly every day of the week.

Tides, sunrise and sunset

If the rain is kept at bay, a little tide knowledge is good for the waterborne activity jaunt.

Starting today, With a 6:03 a.m. sunrise, the first high tide in Sea Bright was set to roll in at 2:59 a.m.. Low tide will set in at 8:47 a.m. and high tide comes back at 3:25 p.m. After a 7:57 p.m. sunset, the tide will go out to a low again at 9:51 p.m..

Check the tides and sunrise and sunset times for the rest of the week by clicking here.

COVID-19 R-FH area update …

As of Monday, there were no new deaths related to COVID-19 in Monmouth County. From Sunday to Monday positive tests went up by 45.

County officials reported that Fair Haven had 45 known active cases, staying level for the past two days. Rumson had 70 cases. Little Silver had 47, up one from 46 on Sunday. Sea Bright had 14, up one from 13 on Sunday. And Red Bank had 325.

Monmouth County has more than 10,000 confirmed cases (positive tests of those tested).

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management