Scene Around: Bella Fourth of July Luna

The Fourth of July was about more than fireworks shows. The moon had a special show of its own going on — a lunar eclipse coupled with a buck moon.

Full and bright, the moon seemed to dance, sing and do a little talking in the sky. The clouds were formidable supporting role players, if not stars themselves, casting eerie, serene picturesque sea and landscapes, faces and figures.

There’s just something magical about a full moon show, especially one brilliant as this. Take a look at what we captured while moon gazing on the Fourth … Stars, planets, clouds and all, up close and far, our sideshow’s like a flip book, capturing ever nuance.

Look at each of the some 60 photos of the night sky. Be sure not to miss any. Tell us about the faces and places you see …

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management