Retro Sunny Daze: Swim Teaming at P-House

Peninsula House Swim Team of the mid-1970s
Photo/Facebook collection of Joanne DiStefano Garelli

Well, the sun made a promising appearance today, bringing with it warm thoughts of togetherness and teaming up for sun-kissed, carefree canoodling and a good swim.

So, in keeping with the wishes of more sunny days ahead and a future summertime full of maskless beach days and a good team swim, the Retro Pic of the Day is a look back at just that sort of scene.

You’ve seen it before. It’s a snapshot of the kids’ swim team at Peninsula House, one of the most iconic historic spots in Sea Bright, back in the 70s.

Check out those freestyle tans, toothy grins and suits. Remember Peninsula House, commonly dubbed P-House? It was a popular, affordable beach club to team up with RFH buds and join back in the day. Recognize any of the RFHers in this pic? Anyone remember those coaches?

Talk about diving into sunny times … These kids were all about the daily beach ritual, as is a summer rite of passage with all Rumson-Fair Haven area folks. Beach clubbing it or otherwise, when the sun came out and summertime hit, R-FH kids hit the beach.

Your club? Favorite beach spot? Team? Get ready. Here comes that sun to dry up all the pandemic fatigue.

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management