Retro Rumson Pier Sunny Daze

Sunning with the Oceanic Bridge as a backdrop
Photo/courtesy of Jo Ann Slocum Mazzucca

Yes, dank days are dampening spirits lately. Warm, sunny memories can brighten them, though.

So, why not take a photo trip back to a simple day of sunning the old fashioned way on what was referred to as the Rumson Pier?

This look, in particular, offers a glimpse back to some very old time sun bathing — going back about 75 years. There was a lot of suiting up and little skin to show or sun, for that matter. But the bright smiles were bright by the Navesink River.

It’s the wishful thinking sunny days by the river Retro Pic of the Day, courtesy of Jo Ann Slocum Mazzucca. It’s a rare shot of some folks hanging out on the old pier (or dock) at Victory Park in Rumson with what was the bridge that connected Rumson to Middletown — what became the Oceanic Bridge — in the background.

According to Slocum Mazzucca, “My grandmother Lillian Turnbull Slocum is the far left with her hands folded. The picture was taken on the old pier (dock) at Victory Park in Rumson. Picture is about 75 years ago.”

Anyone remember the old pier/dock at Victory Park? Is this where the Barnacle Bill’s dock is now? How about those swim suits and dresses?

Many thanks to Jo Ann Slocum Mazzucca for this gem from her family photos!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management