Retro RFH Witchy Women’s Ride

Witchy RFH women on Halloween of 1977 Bonnie Werner and Sue Brower
Photo/George Day

Call it Halloween buddy system brooming. Remember the old buddy system? Trick or treating with a buddy to stay safe. Ever apply that theory in high school tricks with the only treat being the friendship and good ride through it all together?

Well, this gruesome twosome of best buds applied the system for some double trouble all in good ghoulish fun. Now that’s a special brand of mischief. You could say they were headed every witch way on this Halloween in the late 1970s, except to class.

The two would be Sue Brower and Bonnie Werner of the RFH Class of ’78.

So the double-dose Retro Pic(s) of the (George) Day feature them at their Halloween best.

These two witchy poos got all dressed up with somewhere to go for Halloween 1977 — like in and around the RFH campus. They had it all down: matching witch noses, warts, latex, oatmeal skin, crimped hair, dresses, hats, brooms and all.

And they flew around on a tandem bicycle, because, really, there’s only so much magic to go around among high school witches on Halloween and pedaling seemed more logical than flying to them.

They were realists. They were realists who liked to have fun and spared no attention to detail, except that flying was a bit unattainable and probably frowned upon by the RFH administration. Though, there were some things that were left unrevealed, so one witch said.

Here’s what Bonnie Werner had to confess about the adventure …

What happened was just this: The wind began to switch, the house to pitch … and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch … and we rode over to Forrestdale/Dean Porter as I think the seniors were invited to parade through the yard … some small children began crying when we bent down and cackled at them … yes, we made children cry.

Well, it could have been worse. They could have crashed into a tree or gotten hung up on pesky wires if airborne on those brooms.

So, they flew … on their wheels. Weeeeeeeeitchy!

Do you know what kind of bike these two were riding?

Thanks to George Day for yet another RFH Halloween doozy!

RFH witchy women of 1977
Photo/George Day

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