Retro RFH Soccer Boys’ Kick

RFH soccer in the late 1970s
Photo/George Day

You could say that soccer season has kicked in at RFH.

The calendar is full of … practices and games. In fact, there are two games today (Tuesday). One is a varsity girls’ game at home against Monmouth Regional and the other is a boys’ away. But, back in the 1970s, there was no girls’ team. There was one renegade girl player, however, who ended up being known as the first female on the field. That now seems like a foreign notion. Back then, it was bravery.

It was all about the boys. That’s how it was and never shall be again. So, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day gives a glimpse back to the soccer field and those boy RFH players of the 1970s.

And these RFH soccer guys of the past were quite well-known — for the game and playing with that one girl. But her high school soccer days got kick started sooner than varsity time for these guys.

Know who the girl was and what year she maneuvered her way onto the field to score that goal for the girls? When she graduated, which girl followed her lead?

The guy giving the soccer ball that swift kick is … can’t quite figure out.

Who was that ol’ #7?

Anyone remember this game against ‘Squan? Who was known for what on the RFH team? Anyone remember?

Thanks again, George Day for providing another great look into the past with yet another gem of a photo!