Retro RFH Powder Puff Football

RFH Powder Puff Football of 1977 Photo/George Day
RFH Powder Puff Football of 1977
Photo/George Day

Yes, it’s the season at RFH when it’s pretty much all about football.

But, what about those days when it was about powder puff football, too?

There were those days — at least in the late 1970s.

So, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day is a throwback to 1977 when the girls in the RFH Class of 1978, the seniors, squared off against the junior girls in the Class of ’77.

Also referred to as flag football, the game, which is conducted as a more fun exercise of competition sans tough tackling, has been a standing tradition at many high schools across the country and in Canada.

The girls played fair and with a bit of a fashion forward flair, to boot.

And the guys, well, they showed up as quite a unique looking cheerleading squad. But, you’ve seen those photos before.

The coaches, on the other hand, had some strange, yet probably ’70s appropriate ideas of football fashion.

Who was that coach? Remember who won? And who is the ref? He was an RFH sports enthusiast and former Rumson and Fair Havenite who is, unfortunately, no longer with us. RIP.

— Elaine Van Develde

Thanks, once again, to George Day for this classic RFH photo!

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