Retro RFH Oz Wizadry

I have a feeling we’re not in Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) anymore …

It’s likely what the audience was muttering when this motley mini Wizard of Oz cast set foot, and paws, onto the RFH stage in the Freshmen Follies of 1974 to amuse with their own version of the classic. And, it was a looooooong walk down this Yellow Brick Road the real Oz.

Oh, there was a Dorothy, a Wicked Witch, a Cowardly Lion (or something like that), Scarecrow, an aluminum foil Tin Man … the entire cast of characters … even Toto.

Yes, Toto, too! On all fours. Going rogue. The scene was set. The characters in place. Then Toto decided to run amok. In the featured photo, he’s on full amok, relieving himself on the Tin Man. Uh, oh. Rust? You could say, “That’s show biz.” But, it was more like, “That’s entertainment!”

Take a look at this triple Retro Pic of the (George) Day and tell us what this staged Oz is all about. Or guess. Your guess is as good as anyone’s. Hey, I was there and I have no recollection.

And who, exactly, was Toto? Who’s that running sound in the orchestra pit? Don’t forget, there were no body mics back in the day. Projection was very important, as was projecting in the direction of the mics at the foot of the stage. Remember?

Now, name that cast!

Many thanks, once again, to the incredible George Day for this peek into RFH past!