Retro Close Santa Encounter

Little Evie Connor asks for a Christmas wish from Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse circa the 1960s
Photo/Connor family


A reprise from Dec. 13, 2018, because everyone needs a little reminder of Santa time close up and personal … 

As if one classic 1960s snapshot of a Fair Haven kid perched on Santa’s lap wasn’t enough … Clearly it wasn’t.

There were many priceless moments spent at the Fair Haven firehouse at Christmas time. This one captures a little Evie Connor Kelly, daughter of longtime Fair Haven Fire Company members, thrilled with her Santa time there.

We’re not sure exactly what she asked for from Ol’ Saint Nick, a/k/a whichever fireman volunteered to pose as the guy.

It was the early 1960s. Ponder that. Well, a big hit back then was the Chatty Cathy doll. Remember that one? Then there was Barbie … and Light Bright … Easy Bake Oven … Suzie Homemaker? Hmmm.

What did little Evie want? Did she get it? Evie?

Nonetheless, ya gotta love how Evie’s mom scrolled her name across Santa’s beard! That was something that many moms did on photos back in the day.

Now, who was that bearded fireman?


John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management