Retro Powering Through: Light in Dark Sandy Times

Well, Tropical Storm Isaias ripped through the Rumson-Fair Haven area like an angry NIMBY, leaving lots of carnage, uncanny sun and power outages in its wake.

And with the outages and the JCP&L best-case-scenario prospect of days without electricity came some old friends from Superstorm Sandy aftermath days. Heroes, is what Rumson and Fair Havenites called them — the Alabama Power Company linemen. Oh, there are others from out of state pitching in. You’ve seen the myriad photos on social media. But, the Alabama crew is back and folks from the area remember.

Remember? With the area out of power for weeks, when the Alabama Power crew swooped in, residents descended, meeting them at Fair Haven Fields, flipping burgers to sustain them, offering homemade dishes, smiles, hugs and lots of thanks and encouragement.

Things were dark with a chilly sting in those post-Sandy belated Halloween horror days, but Alabama Power brought with it a big, warm bright spot. Everyone basked in it. They shed the light weary residents needed to see their way out of a natural disaster catastrophe. Everyone became friends in the crisis. And now, there’s a bit of a homecoming — this time masked, sanitized and sans hugs. The looming presence, though, is a big, fat hug of cheer.

It’s really not all that bad, especially with people like those linemen around. Turn off the Sandy-inspired generator for a few and take in the sight and sound of community helping.

So, we say to all the line workers chipping in from near and far, “Thank you and welcome home!”

The Retro Pics of the Day offer a glimpse back to remind townies that home is where some great hearts gravitate and the lights are always on there. Yes, in your back yard.

Take a look back and remember …

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management