Retro Local Icon’s Summer

Sea Bright icon Dizzy Dave parties on in his haunt
Photo/Facebook photo of Joanne DiStefano Garelli

Nothing says local and summer quite like a glimpse into the past of a Sea Bright icon in his local beach element.

That would be the friendly guy who’s been around the towns, specifically Sea Bright, seemingly forever — Dizzy Dave. People tend to clamor to strike a pose with him.

We don’t think anyone knows his real name, but no matter. An icon is an icon. And there’s a way to start a weather-perfect locals’ summer weekend and it doesn’t get any better than a motivational photo to party on and be happy from Dizzy Dave.

This photo comes from the Facebook archives of longtime Rumsonite and Monmouth Beacher Joanne DiStefano Garelli. What’s going on here? We’re not quite sure. Some sort of plunge?

But, hey, the best way to start a pristine locals’ summer weekend is with a seasoned Sea Brighter at what looks like locals’ haunt. Donovan’s, perhaps?

How do you revel in a good locals’ summer weekend? Your iconic spot?