Retro Leaders of RFH Cheer

RFH cheerleaders of a different kind decades ago
Photo/FB friend archives

Can we have a special cheer for RFH football?

It’s that season, and RFH is doing quite well. Tonight, in fact, the Bulldogs are playing on home turf against Toms River North.

It’s anyone’s guess what game these special RFH cheerleaders were cheering on; but, they were, at the very least, dressed for the occasion and spreading a lot of school spirit with the classic pyramid back in the 80s or so?

Hmmmmm … one of these cheer “dudes” is sporting a Fair Haven Soccer shirt. The fur cap is an interesting cheerleader outfit trend.

Hey, fashion aside, the cheer and spirit all went to the … dawgs!

So, cheers to the RFH Bulldogs and tonight’s game!

Recognize these leaders of RFH cheer? What year? What game?