Retro Fair Haven Gals’ Show Boating

The heat is on. Mid-heatwave pandemic pandemonium, the Fair Haven Fire Department is desperately seeking volunteers.

And, back in the day, the 1960s day, fire company volunteerism was a job sought after by a large contingent of residents. They loved being a part of the fire company family. And that it was.

There were many proud “family” days, like, for instance, when a new piece of equipment was christened at a classic wet down. Then there were cool new emergency vehicles like boats for the FHFD Dive Squad. Or, there was just a very cool new prize to raffle off at the fair. Hmmmmm …

Of course, when it was hot and there was something cool to show off, no matter the reason, the opportunity arose to Vanna-like showcase the waterborne vehicle with some of the family’s girls. The scuba-donned Squad guys saved the finale for the suited-up gals, gear-free.

So, here they are, the girls on the prized (or acquired) fire company boat — beached … or drivewayed.

Just who are these FHFD showboat bathing beauties? One, at least, was at the fire company’s last wet down. Remember? Have you reached out to volunteer today?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management