Retro Fair Haven Gals and a Fair Prize Boat

It’s a historic time in which we’re living. As if a worldwide pandemic wasn’t enough. There was that recent threat of murder hornets. Then came some near too-hot-to handle heatwaves. And now, well, power’s out, summer heat’s on and there’s no Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair reward light at the end of the bad times tunnel.

So, we take you back, again, to the sequel of those firehouse girls-on-the-boat photos for a bit of cheer and some coolness, too.

The real story of this epic photo shoot back in the early 60s — according to some longtime fire company members, such as Ray Bennett, who had these few more photos — is that the boat was a prize for the fair. Who knew?

Well, now we all know. Fair grand prizes have varied over the years, culminating in the most recent Super 50/50 (I think that’s what it’s called) — a big, fat cash prize sought by so many that it IS a big, fat cash prize usually in the tens of thousands of dollars.

But, it wasn’t always the grand puba of fair prizes. Before that, the raffled car was the prize on which all fair loyalists feasted their eyes and fondest wishes.

The boat? Well, we don’t really know how long this grand prize was the grandest of all or if it only lasted one fair. But, one thing’s for sure: the fair organizers made a big show of the boat with those Fair Haven bathing beauties’ poses to promote the raffle.

You guessed who some of the girls are in the first photo. There are some new gals and poses in this sequel. Know these show boating Fair Haven Fire Department models from the early 60s? For just how many fairs was a boat a grand prize? Just one? Which car was the best? Were there any other fair grand prizes?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management