Retro RFH Staged Bathing Beauties

RFH girls on the beach at the Freshman Follies circa 1975. Photo/George Day

In light of most everyone’s wish for warmer days and a big ol’ thaw for brighter, beachier times, we have decided to give you an encore of this classic look back … 

Our Retro Pic of the (George) Day is one of warm wishes — for sun-filled, fun beach days ahead.

This crew of RFH girls entertained people with their own version of the Beach Boys’ Girls on the Beach at the RFH Freshman Follies in 1975.

Their beachwear was quite a hit in a retro way all its own. They took it back a couple of decades from the 1970s.

With sunbathing in mind on this chilly day, what do you remember being the fashion must on the beach in the 1970s? Sunglasses? Oddly enough, the sunglass hit of yesteryear was probably the now trendy aviator look. Right? Anyone need some sunglasses for the star-studded glare cast by this pic of beauty queens?

Many thanks, once again, to George Day for capturing this priceless moment in RFH time!


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