Focus: Spring Beach Daze

With the arrival of spring, beach days are becoming that beacon at the end of a dark pandemic winter tunnel.

It’s tradition for Rumson-Fair Haven area folks — warming up to full-on summer beaching it with a little spring prequel. The sight of the Donovan’s Reef tiki hut in the distance is a welcome one that hints at hope and calls like a mythological Sea Bright Siren.

This year Donovan’s has announced an April 15 opening at 10 a.m.. Like other traditions, people are downright hot for this sign of the 2021 summer to come. Taking the barren scene in and exhaling a sigh of comfort is the way of life at the Sea Bright beach for locals.

It all starts with that little warm-up beach trek … and sit.

The weather forecast this week calls for some beaching it with that “Ahhhhh” …

The National Weather Service’s prediction is looking just beachy, with clear skies, sunshine and temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s for most of the week.

Check it out and enjoy the above view (with a click on one photo to enlarge and scroll).

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management