Focus: Rumson-Fair Haven Snowscape

Picture this: A creative snowscape perspective.

It’s what you get when there’s a first(ish) snowfall in the Rumson-Fair Haven area and a couple of resident photographers are set loose in it. Something like that. Creative minds get the picture. That’s more like it.

And they got it alright. All photographers Lujeanne Cuje, Rumson, and Susan Culbert, Fair Haven, had to do was go no further than their own back or front yards on their respective homebound hunts for that somewhat accidental, encapsulating snapshot of the day.

For Cuje it was as simple as looking out her front door and realizing that leftovers can translate into art with a blanket of snow. She left the Christmas lights up and they popcorned the pristine snow with color. Call it a magic blanket.

Culbert found a far-away mystery portal in a window reflection cast on a coated evergreen in her back yard.

Both shared their simple slices of paradise in the quiet moments of snowfall.

Then the sun came up and the melting ensued. Will there be more magical nighttime snowfall moments in the weekend ahead? Depends on how the forecast pans out.

This weekend, in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, the National Weather Service says that temps will hit a high of 41 degrees tomorrow during the day with sunshine. Saturday night, the forecast says, with a low of 32 degrees, it will be partly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain/snow. However, there’s a winter storm watch on Sunday with a 90 percent chance of snow and a high of 33 degrees. Click here for more.

Enjoy the weekend, regardless. Stay safe, stay warm and enjoy the simple view!

Thanks to Loujeanne Cuje (photo, left) and Susan Culbert (photo, right) for the stark, beautiful looks at the snowfall in the area. Be sure to click on each to enlarge for the full view!

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John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management