Focus: Retro Favs of 2019

Once upon a time, the time-in-a-bottle concept was encapsulated on film. Black-and-white film. Dog-eared, creased, faded photos of moments captured.

Back in the old Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) and Rumson, Fair Haven and Sea Bright neighborhood days, well before the advent of social media, such snapshots back in time were 24-karat gold.

Unearthing the invaluable candid treasures is Eureka to the sore, old longing-for-home eyes. A lot of time has been spent at R-FH Retro finding this gold. RFH Yearbook photographer of the late 1970s, George Day has provided most of it. RFH and Rumson and Fair Haven yearbook and class pics have been featured. We have some of our own. And Rumson-Fair Haven area friends have submitted many.

They are usually published daily. We call them, one-by-one, the Retro Pic of the Day. Treasure.

Highlighted here are the most popular Retro Pics of the Day for 2019. The top photo, submitted by Joanne DiStefano Garelli (via Facebook) puts the spotlight on Sea Bright’s iconic Dizzy Dave at a Polar Bear Plunge by Donovan’s. The second most popular was a tie: George Day’s RFH Powder Puff Football carrying of the homecoming king (top right) and George’s RFH Halloween tandem biking witches (third row right). The third most popular was Kathy Robbins’ top-of-the-hill snow scene at Third Street in Fair Haven (last row right).

Thanks to film and photographers for the memories kept close! Take a look back and cherish the times that were deemed the most special by R-FH Retro readers … (CLICK to enlarge!)

Send us your retro pics at with proper credit. Share your retro golden moments!