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A Retro Happy Thanksgiving from the Kids’ Table

Thanksgiving at the kids' table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton Photo/Hamilton family
Thanksgiving at the kids’ table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton
Photo/Hamilton family

Our annual Thanksgiving tribute to the kids’ table … Remember that? Happy Thanksgiving, all! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Enjoy!

It’s Thanksgiving, and, yes, it’s all about giving thanks.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is an ode to just that.

It’s a snapshot back in time to the 1960s with a sibling duo from Fair Haven — Ben and Kate Hamilton. Ben passed away and Kate had posted this picture on Facebook giving thanks for him. RIP, Ben.

The photo brings back memories of the era the kids’ holiday table. Remember that one?

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Retro Thanksgiving Shopping Deals

There may be fewer people at the table this pandemic time Thanksgiving, but people seem to be cooking up a storm of traditional treats and doing the holiday in grande style in the smallest of ways. So, look back with us again at just what it used to cost to shop for the feast … Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Oh, it’s that time — when people were out gobbling up final hour deals on their Thanksgiving meal ingredients.

So, the Retro Pic(s) of the Day take us back to one supermarket of the past, another old standard, and turkey dinner deals of the 1960s or 70s? Guess what year these Red Bank Register ads were published.

Remember Finast? Remember where it was? Well, the store’s turkey day sale involved the bird at 49 cents a pound or a beef roast for 98.

And how about this Foodtown ad? The offer there was the same for the Thanksgiving bird — 49 cents per pound. Though the Foodtown roast was $1.09. And how about those nuts at 39 cents? If only the price of nuts wasn’t so nuts nowadays. Bacon, too. When was the last time you saw bacon sold for 69 cents per 1lb package?

A long time ago, that’s when. For the food prices of yesteryear we give thanks — or a little cry.

How much did you pay per pound for your bird this year?

Retro RFH Tower Players Stage Crew Playing

It’s all fun and games until … the RFH Tower Players crew finishes building the set … or show time … or something like that. You get the picture — or pictures.

The RFH Tower Players are playing on Nov. 20 with their pandemic time virtual production of Shuddersome: Tales of Poe.

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Retro RFH Dank Daze of Junior Lounging

Lounging in the RFH Junior Lounge circa late 1970s.
Photo/George Day

A reprise from 2019 as an ode to the rainy, lazy days after the spurt of locals’ summer sunshine. Cheers and sun up!

The weather has not been quite fair these days. In fact, it’s been downright dank. And with dreary weather comes a little bit of a lackadaisical mood — especially for students cooped up in a high school all day. But, back in the day, there was a remedy for what ailed RFH students when lazy, hazy days drenched with dismal weather set in. That colored brick and pillar remedy was the Junior Lounge. Continue reading Retro RFH Dank Daze of Junior Lounging

An R-FH Area Veterans’ Homage

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Our annual Veterans Day tribute(Click on one of the photos in the above gallery to enlarge and scroll.)

Their faces are the faces at the core of a close-knit community. Some have passed. Some are still with us. They are cherished. They are veterans.

They were and are neighbors, dads, and just plain friendly faces around the Rumson-Fair Haven area towns.

They served. They fought for freedom.

They lived and still do live their lives with hometown pride, honor and respect. They were, they are founding fathers, friends. They were, they are cornerstones of the sense of community that is the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

The gift of their legacies bears no upscale real estate market value. They passed along a love of country and community that is priceless.

Thank you, on Veterans Day, to the veterans of the area who have passed and those who are still with us. You are cherished, honored.

Take a look at some of their faces and remember the legacy they carry.

— Elaine Van Develde

— Photos, courtesy of families of the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

Retro RFH Hip & Hooray Cheer

The boy cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977 Photo/George Day
The boy cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977
Photo/George Day
The boy cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977
Photo/George Day

There’s nothing like a good ol’ RFH cheer. It’s just hip, hip … happening! Cheering has changed over the decades at RFH. Still there’s nothing quite as unique as this cheer crew. So, for cheer’s sake, we give these guys an encore of this Oct. 8, 2015 Retro Pic of the (George) Day double dose! Cheers!

The 1977 RFH Powder Puff Football game was a good one that made for some great photo opps.

We saw a glimpse of that scene in several Retro Pics of the (George) Day.

But, what must be remembered as well is the male cheerleading squad that hip, hip and hurrahed those junior and senior girls to athletic success on the field. It’s a wonder the girls could concentrate on the game with all that adroit beefcake wile calling like Sirens on the sidelines.

The girls played with what looked like a coordinated feminine fashion finesse — coordinated pig tails, pony tails, turtle necks, gloves and bandanas.

Those boys cheering them on, however, had their own feminine mystique in wardrobe going on.

They’ve been seen before, but here’s another (double dose, different angles) glimpse of the boys of the cheering squad clad in girls’ uniforms with their own special fashion plate additions of hotsie totsie work boots and long underwear.

Some of these guys of the RFH Class of ’78 still live in the area. Recognize anyone? One is a former Fair Haven policeman and another is a Rumson dad.

Hip, hip … holy cartwheel!

Thanks, once again, to George Day for providing this classic look into the past!