A Retro RFH Surf Team Thumbs Up

RFH surfer boys at the Sea Bright beach circa 1978.
Photo/George Day

With all the talk about the RFH Surf Team’s success, thoughts of the good ol’ days of surfing with the RFH cool guys prompts a thumbs up for those bygone years, just like in the photo that so many have seen before.

Hey, it’s worth one more reprise, considering …

This retro RFH crew caught many a wave in all kinds of weather. In fact, they were known for literally chilling out at Sea Bright beach with a board whenever the opportunity arose — and that was often.

It’s safe to say that these surfing dudes of the RFH Class of ’78 didn’t care to bother to wait to shed the down vests for wet suits. These guys spent plenty of summer days together. These guys never bailed on a good time — or a wave if they were actually in the water.

So, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day is a tribute to playing in the surf of lifetime friendship.

You know them. You’ve seen them before. Can you name these guys?  There’s another iconic photo of them that features something that would probably not be allowed in the yearbook these days. Do you know what it was?

RFH surfer dudes
Photo/George Day

Many thanks, once again, to the fabulous George Day for this photo!