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Simple Summer: Gone Fishing

We’ve said it before and now we’ll say it again …

It’s summertime and the living is, well, let’s say pretty fishy if you live in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

In fact, it’s downright status quo when you grow up in the area to do so with some sand between your toes, a fishing pole over your shoulder, a crabbing net and trap and a bucket in which to tote your catch home — even if that catch is a couple of river rocks, some seaweed and a dried out crab shell.

It’s part of the magic of living by the Navesink River — growing up Rumson-Fair Haven style.

It’s a simple concept. And it’s one of those fabulous things in life that’s free. A walk, a view, a little fishing for a great summer day.

So, the Simple Summer feature today is all about fishing for some fun down by the river — honing in on a little spot by and on the Fair Haven Dock.

The catch is a keeper.

Take a look at our slideshow above for the whole picture. (And don’t forget to click on the lower right icon to enlarge!) See you down by the river!

Simple Summer’s End: Beaching it with a Retired Knollwood Teacher & Friend

Jenifer Weber-Zeller and retired Knollwood School teacher, Pat Egan, enjoy a summer moment together.
Photo/Jenifer Weber-Zeller

It’s pretty simple. The sun is out. The beach is beckoning. Old friends of different generations decide to take it all in together.

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Simple Summer: Val’s Manager, Music,Buds & Birthdays

Val’s Tavern manager Kevin Feehan takes a break with a buddy from performing on his birthday last weekend at Ron’s West End Pub.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Nothing says good simple summer times like a sunny day, a serenade by a familiar local face and just plain fun with friends. Oh, and a couple of coincidental birthdays, to boot.

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Simple Summer: Gone Crabbin’

Crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Yes, it’s pretty simple. Summertime crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.

It’s the go-to simple summer activity in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

It’s something that spans generations and demographics. If you grew up in this area, it’s pretty customary to, at some point in your youth, grab a bucket, a net and steal some of your mother’s chicken (that she may have counted on cooking that night) to go crabbing at the dock.

Who knows? You could end up changing the dinner menu anyway.

It’s a simple summer thought of the day. See?

Simple Summer: Fair Haven Campout

The concept doesn’t get any simpler for summer — a tent, some games, some snacks, some buddies, a movie and sleeping (sort of) under the stars far enough outside of your own back yard to call it an outing.

It’s what kids and parents gathered to do on Saturday in Fair Haven. It was the borough’s annual campout at Fair Haven Fields.

It was still steaming hot at tent pitching time — around 7 p.m..

The Fair Haven Recreation Department helpers were ready and curbside at the fields and set to inform campers about the rules and regs. And the concession stand was staffed. But, well, by 7:30 p.m., only two sets of campers had arrived.

The helpers anticipated that more would show when the movie started at 8:45 and they were ready!

This is how this simple summer night of new local tradition got started on Saturday. These guys in the featured photo were a little wilted from the humidity, but still smiling and energetic enough to kid around with each other a little. Though, one of them reflected that he thinks he always has a “reluctant gaze” when photographed. Hmmm. Can you guess which is the reluctant reflector?

If you have any photos of the campout after perhaps more campers arrived and more fun ensued or fewer campers looked “reluctant,” send them to us at evd@rfhretro.com for our camp night slideshow for later. 

— Elaine Van Develde

Simple Summer: A Surfrider Swim Meet Win

A swim meet win at Surfrider Beach Club and smiles from the team enjoying a simple summer. Photo/Colleen Dougherty Doogan
A swim meet win at Surfrider Beach Club and smiles from the team enjoying a simple summer.
Photo/Colleen Dougherty Doogan

With many Rumson-Fair Haven area people’s minds on Olympian RFH grad and former Fair Havenite Connor Jaeger’s road to the summer competition in Rio de Janeiro lately, thoughts turn back in time to when Jaeger spent his summer days at Surfrider Beach Club in Sea Bright.

Well, decades may have passed and Jaeger may be far away from the Surfrider pool, but kids are still swimming and they were winners recently.

The above photo is a reminder of the simple fun in a summer swim competition at a local beach club.

This crew was celebrating a big meet win on July 14.

Thanks to native Fair Havenite and teacher Colleen Dougherty Doogan for this classic shot!

Happy simple summer!



Simple Summer: River Kayaking

It’s summertime and the living is filled with typical summer activity — and not-so-typical. We’re in the midst of a heatwave.

A lot of people in the Rumson-Fair Haven area have predictable seasonal habits — like vacationing, beach clubbing, beachfront partying … any number of things.

Then there are others who have opted to take the opportunity to just simply enjoy some quality alone time.

That was the idea with this kayaker who was just enjoying some coasting and contemplation time on the Navesink River at Victory Park in Rumson. This is a bit of a retro pic, as it was taken a couple of years ago, before the clinging jellyfish fear set in. But, you get the idea.

This moment is the kind of thing it’s all about with our Simple Summer weekly feature. What’s your favorite simple thing to do in the summer?

It may just be sitting at the end of a dock or taking a stroll on the beach or a swim. We’ll be out and about capturing those simple summer moments.


Simple Summer: Sunset Solace on the Dock

Summertime can be hectic. So, there’s nothing better some an end-of-day solo time to unwind.

And what better place in the Rumson-Fair Haven area than the Fair Haven Dock as the sun is setting?

For that reason, the Simple Summer feature of the week highlights solace and serenity at sunset on the Navesink River.

Any spot along the river will do. This spot just happens to be a favorite for many. It’s simple and it’s one of those best things in life that are free.

The view is a familiar one, but it never gets old. Neither does its calming effect.

Simple Summer: Rumson Daddy-Daughter Date

There’s nothing more simple or valuable than quality time spent between a dad and his little girl.

And there’s no place better to just soak up some love and appreciation of life and family ties than the sun-drenched Shrewsbury riverfront in Rumson.

It doesn’t cost a thing — just an outstretched hand, a heart and a stroll.

OK, a balloon and some cotton candy at St. George’s-by-the-River Episcopal Church’s Canterbury Fair down the street came first when this a slice of life was focused on back in June. Still, it’s a simple concept with no materialistic strings, just a little balloon anchor.

So, this unidentified pair made the perfect Simple Summer feature of the week just going about the business of enjoying each other’s company. Picture that.

Simple. See?

— Elaine Van Develde

Simple Summer: Swimming Buddies & an Award

There’s nothing quite like a buddy, a couple of missing front teeth and an award to make a summer complete.

It’s a simple concept. And, Annabelle (Annie) Costello personifies the three-in-one bonus as the Simple Summer feature photo(s) of the week.

The pint-sized Fair Havenite won Most Valuable Player award for her swim team at Ship Ahoy Beach Club in Sea Bright recently.

To get that kind of award, it takes a lot of teamwork, practice and, yes, plain old summer kid fun with pals. And Annie and her pal worked and played hard, as evidenced by their smiles of sheer happiness to just hang together.

Congrats, Annie!