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Scene Around: Isolated View & Sobering COVID-19 Stats

The sun may have finally come out today, but the picture is a dank, grim one as far as soaring COVID-19 stats go for the state and area. It’s no April Fool’s joke. Solitude is the only thing that will squash the curve, state, county and local authorities repeat with veracity daily.

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R-FH Area Covid-19 Respite: Providers of Distanced Serenity & Rec

Many quarantined Rumson-Fair Haven area folks of a certain generation may be, about now, replaying in their minds, or even acting out a mantra from an old Seinfeld episode — “Serenity nowwwww!”

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Week’s Start: COVID-19 State, County, Local Updates & How to Help

Note: This story was updated to include stats and quotes from NJ Gov. Murphy’s Tuesday afternoon address on the COVID-19 situation …

From the state to the county and local level in New Jersey, the unrelenting “stay home” message in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic is getting more emphatic by the minute.

With New Jersey seeing a total of 18,696 as of Tuesday afternoon having tested positive for the virus, a jump overnight of 2,196 and 265 deaths (up by 69), three in their 30s, NJ Gov. Phil Murphy has continually pleaded with residents to just stay home to save lives and flatten the curve.

Citing the two young men who succumbed to COVID-19, but reaffirming that deaths from the virus tend to still hit the older and compromised community harder, Murphy stressed that the young mens’ deaths bring home the fact that “this is a reality for ALL of us.”

“I cannot be any clearer in my call,” the governor added. “Stay at home before this hits home. Please do your part to flatten this curve … We are not an average state. We are a “We can do the impossible” state. That is New Jersey. “Our job collectively is to stay at home and flatten that curve. If we do our part, we can meaningfully slow the spread and save lives … This is not about you, it’s about us. Now is the time to be selfless, not selfish … The very best thing we can do together is to stay home and to keep our distance from anyone else, even at home. “

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2020

The governor thanked everyone on the front lines, especially healthcare workers and emergency responders. He particularly pointed to the state’s “unsung heroes … home health aides, sanitation workers, retail employees, teamsters, truck drivers and transit workers. Their dedication means the world and it means that we will emerge from this stronger.”

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RFH Class of 2020: A Final Fete

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School’s (RFH) Class of 2020 got its last gathering hurrah in before COVID-19 descended on the community with the high school’s annual tradition of the 100 Nights Dinner.

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A Restricted R-FH Area St. Patrick’s Day Feast 2020

With the edict from NJ Gov. Phil Murphy in full swing officially today, St. Patrick’s Day, Rumson-Fair Haven area eateries are also in full isolated celebration mode. They’re offering delivery and curbside pick-up for St. Paddy’s Day and to ease the stress of daily life in this new normal.

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Focus: Sunshine & Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parading

Everyone said it. Sunday was a great day for a parade. And so the marchers marched under sunny skies in the Eighth Annual Rumson St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Take a look at some of the sights and folks of the day … (And don’t forget to click in the lower gallery to enlarge and scroll!)

Photos/Sue Hill-Spakowski and Jenny Costello for R-FH Retro

Scene Around: Rumson Dog Daze of Spring

As everyone preps to spring forward in time, Daylight Saving, that is, it was a dog day afternoon of sunshine on the beach for many, yesterday and today.

Rumson dog Nancy (right) took a romp on the beach at Sandy Hook with Winter (left), her dog friend. In the ironic little play date pairing, the two did a little digging and imprinting and found one another’s shadow.

Nancy, the four-legged child of Rumsonite Sue Hill-Spakowski, is quite the poser. She has been seen around the towns making some keen nature observations, having tea and cavorting.

According to Nancy, spring is definitely in the air and in her step. And she’s right.

Predictions for the rest of the week and weekend, according to the National Weather Service, are that, despite a little rainfall Friday after 2 p.m. and a possibility of some snow mixing with it overnight, the outlook for the weekend is a sunny one with temperatures reaching a high of about 53 degrees on Sunday.

Forget the groundhog. Nancy knows all. Where shall we see Rumson dog Nancy next?

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