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Retro Fair Haven Dock Daze

Summer days down by the Fair Haven Dock
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

You’ve seen and heard it before, but a trip back to the summer days at the Fair Haven Dock always bears a revisit …

Summer fun in Fair Haven doesn’t get any simpler or more treasured than ending the day down by the Fair Haven Dock, sand between the toes, a few antics up the sleeve, a little seaweed in the shorts, and a crab or 20. Dock time has been a time-honored tradition for kids since, well, the dawn of time.

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Retro RFH Summer Theater

Summer theater productions are opening all over the Rumson-Fair Haven area. This seasonal show time for locals has proven as popular as hitting the beach with buddies — OK, far away from the invasion of the outta town tourists.

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Retro RFHers’ Summer Adventure

It’s officially summertime, and the livin’ is … adventurous for many RFH students. Most are known to hit the beach, clubs or public, in Sea Bright. And some look for a little adventure in venturing away from familiar, iconic turf, and onto another great Jersey adventure, so to speak.

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Retro RFH Grads’ Dive into Summer

Class of ’76 seniors dive into summer
Photo/RFH Yearbook 1976

Summer is officially here and RFHers have graduated. That means that it’s a last summer hurrah for those RFH seniors, many of whom will be headed in different directions after the summer’s over. It’s another milestone time — one that almost always brings with it a treasure trove of memories that evoke forever smiles.

It’s a time when those graduated seniors who are headed off to college and life’s new path in the fall dive into that goodbye summer with gusto.

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Retro RFH Boys of Summer

Taking a dive in the Monmouth Beach Club pool with some RFH guys in the 1970s. Photo/RFH Class of '79 reunion slideshow
Taking a dive in the Monmouth Beach Club pool with some RFH guys in the 1970s.
Photo/RFH Class of ’79 reunion slideshow

Swim, anyone? Water ballet? More like whatever works!

It’s the unofficial start of summer and today’s Retro Pic of the Day shows some RFH boys diving right into the season at the Monmouth Beach Club pool back in the 1970s.

OK, it’s probably a staged shot before the pool was filled. Nonetheless, it says a lot about the spirit of summer fun in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

No one better to spread some of those toasty warm vibes than a look back at some carefree fun at the hands of teen guys.

Everybody in the pool!

Recognize any of these guys? What was your favorite summer spot and/or fun?


Retro RFH Beach Boys

Summertime with RFH buddies at the beach Photo/courtesy of Paul Hughes
Summertime with RFH buddies at the beach
Photo/courtesy of Paul Hughes

Well, the weather is fine, unofficial summer has started and Sea Bright beaches are filled with RFHers.

It’s the start of seasonal fun and antics for RFH students on vacation or even on their last summer hurrah together before college.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a peek back at some simple summer fun on the beach somewhere in Sea Bright, no doubt, with RFH buddies in the late 1970s, possibly the summer of ’80.

These guys thought it would be fun to make a cheerleader-style pyramid at the water’s edge. Remember those? And what resulted was what usually did. The antics and clowning around turned into a laugh fest and balancing act.

Wonder who fell first! Guesses, anyone?

This classic summer snapshot back in time comes from Rumsonite Paul Hughes’ photo collection. No one’s sure who took it, but there are a lot of familiar faces here.

Recognize anyone?

This is a repeat Retro Pic of the Day from June of 2016, but it’s a classic worth a second run, just in case you missed it last time … 

— Elaine Van Develde

Scene Around: Cooking Up a Recipe for Success with RFH Grad Chef Rossi

Chef Rossi and her book at Barnes & Noble
Photo/courtesy of Rossi

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) graduate, chef, radio host and author extraordinaire Chef Rossi has had a double heaping helping of notoriety lately. And it’s not junk food — more like sweet gourmet success to savor.

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Retro RFH Pre-Prom Fun

RFHers striking a casual pre-prom pose in 1975
Photo/Kathy Richardson Golden

Well, it’s half past RFH prom time. We know that some prom traditions prevail. Others do not.

One thing’s for sure, though, and that’s the prom fact that all good prom-goers gather before they set out for their quality prom time.

Sometimes there are photos on the lawn. Other times there are photos by the limo. Sometimes there is no limo. Other times there are corsage-pinning snapshot moments. Sometimes family is involved in the picture-perfect moment. Other times, it’s just the prom teens.

This snapshot back in time was one of those pre-prom teens only moments … on a sofa … at an informal gathering at someone’s house.

The year was 1975 and the girls were all gussied up in pastels, the original color print shows. The guys are there, but a bit camouflaged by their laptop dates.

And sometimes life takes a turn from the pre-prom couch pose to the marriage alter. Guess which of these RFH prom couples ended up married?

Recognize these RFH couples? Your favorite pre-prom event?

Thanks to Kathy Richards Golden for this retro RFH gem!

Retro Appreciation for RFH English Teacher Bob Berberich

RFH English teacher Bob Berberich

The following tribute on Teacher Appreciation Week to an RFH teacher who has passed, Bob Berberich, was originally published in 2015.

They’re the teachers who taught us how to communicate effectively, appreciate the English language and even motivate certain writers (ahem) to write — English teachers.

In keeping with our Teacher Appreciation Week theme of honoring unique RFH teachers who have passed, today we look back to the lessons learned from Bob Berberich.

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