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Retro RFH Politics

RFH Political Club of 1974-75
Photo/RFH Yearbook

It’s the eve of elections.

Political season has been in full swing; and things in Fair Haven’s Borough Council campaigning have been quite cordial. In fact, the four candidates debated in a very diplomatic, respectful way. And three have answered questionnaires with excellent, well-thought-out answers to some very detailed questions about Fair Haven and critical issues. Some bi-partisan kudos and pats on the back we also given in the process.

These candidates have taken the silly out of silly season and given residents cause to believe that all is fair in this political haven.

But, let’s take the focus off local politics of today for the evening and step back in time to the 1970s and politics as it was with RFH students and teachers.

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A Happy Retro RFH Halloween!

Halloween is here!

And back in 1977, it was a really happy one for the RFH Class of ’78 and some underclassmen. It was a tradition back then to get the Halloween party started early — like from the beginning to the end of the day at school.

So, RFHers arrived via the bus or (ahem) other appropriate or inappropriate mode of transportation all dressed up for the occasion with somewhere to go. RFH. They spooked, laughed, pranked and played all day and even paraded over to the Rumson elementary schools.

Yes, RFHers did Halloween in grand style. Take a look. (Click, wait and watch our slideshow.)

May the retro spirit of RFH haunting be with you!

Can you guess which is yours truly — your RFH Retro publisher/founding editor?

And, thanks to the fabulous George Day for these spectacular shots! 

Retro RFH Witchy Women’s Ride

Witchy RFH women on Halloween of 1977 Bonnie Werner and Sue Brower
Photo/George Day

Call it Halloween buddy system brooming. Remember the old buddy system? Trick or treating with a buddy to stay safe. Ever apply that theory in high school tricks with the only treat being the friendship and good ride through it all together?

Well, this gruesome twosome of best buds applied the system for some double trouble all in good ghoulish fun. Now that’s a special brand of mischief. You could say they were headed every witch way on this Halloween in the late 1970s, except to class.

The two would be Sue Brower and Bonnie Werner of the RFH Class of ’78.

So the double-dose Retro Pic(s) of the (George) Day feature them at their Halloween best.

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Looking Back: Donovan’s Sandy Demise

By Elaine Van Develde

Seven years ago it began. And when Superstorm Sandy stopped its swirling on the sliver of peninsula that is Sea Bright, it plopped the iconic Donovan’s Reef down in bits and pieces.

People of the Rumson-Fair Haven area mourned the loss to a relentless, remorseless Sandy. And when they were allowed to travel over the bridge into Sea Bright, many diehard loyalists of the tiki hut by the sea could be found just sitting and staring at what once was. They walked the sea wall looking for souvenir scraps reminiscent of their glory days at Donovan’s. They talked. They even cried.

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Retro RFH Ghostly Gaggle

An RFH ghostly gathering on Halloween in 1977
Photo/George Day

A Halloween reprise to honor the season of the ghost …

Scary season has set in. People in the Rumson-Fair Haven area aren’t just out raking leaves, either. They’re haunting up their homes, crafting costumes and getting into the spirit. So, why not add a little extra retro spooking from RFH students of the past?

BOO … who or what? It was all in the haunt for RFHers back in the 1970s. They started getting the Halloween party going early on and ended up with a pretty festive feast of ghouls on the grounds of the high school and, yes, beyond.

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Retro Benched RFH Halloween Paraders

RFH Halloween of 1977 with a gaggle of girls
Photo/George Day

Well, it’s about that time for Halloween parades. In fact, Fair Haven’s is on Sunday. And, back in the day, RFH had its own high school Halloween parade.

Some bunny — or a few bunnies and other assorted suspicious characters — got dressed for the occasion, paraded themselves around campus and benched themselves for a spell, too.

The Halloween spirit is in the air. And these senior gaggle of girls embodied it. From controversial, yet timely and popular at the time, Playboy bunny costumes, to Raggedy Ann, a ghost, a cat, a gypsy and whatever else, they were parading and pleased with their choices.

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Retro RFH Football Stripes Earned

In case you haven’t seen this one before and in honor of football season … a reprise …

RFH football team of the past

Do we have a cheer for RFH football? Yes, football season has kicked into high gear at RFH, so let’s take a moment to tackle this handsome team of players of an unknown year as well as the issue of name and uniform style.

Is it all in a name or uniform? Certainly not. It’s all about the game and how it’s played, of course. But, there are some quirks worth taking the ball and running with for a bit. No harm, no fumble. Just fun.

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A Retro RFH Surf Team Thumbs Up

RFH surfer boys at the Sea Bright beach circa 1978.
Photo/George Day

With all the talk about the RFH Surf Team’s success, thoughts of the good ol’ days of surfing with the RFH cool guys prompts a thumbs up for those bygone years, just like in the photo that so many have seen before.

Hey, it’s worth one more reprise, considering …

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Scene Around: RFH Surf Team Triumph

RFH Surf Team after their NSSA Northeast Conference High School Championship win
Photo/RFH Surf Team/Facebook

The Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Surf Team rode a wave of success on Sunday. The team took fourth place in the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) Northeast Conference High School Championships competition on Sunday in Spring Lake.

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Retro RFH Foul Weather Junior Lounging

Juniors of the RFH Class of ’79 lounge in the Junior Lounge
Photo/George Day

Some moments are meant for just lounging … like the persistent foul fall weather of the past few days. There was a place for that for juniors at RFH back in the day.

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Retro RFH Powder Puff Cheer Boys

The boy cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977
Photo/George Day

RFHers have fallen into football season with the usual panache. Everything about playing the game has always been done in true pro style — from the players to the cheerleaders.

Though, while cheerleaders are still cheering at RFH, they do so with different outfits and cheer style. And seeing cheerleaders all dressed up like some 1977 guys on the sidelines is something that never happens (or at least like this) anymore.

The boy cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977
Photo/George Day
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