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Retro Peninsula House Swim Teaming

Peninsula House Swim Team of the mid-1970s
Photo/Facebook collection

It was teaming today — rain.

And in some parts of the Rumson-Fair Haven area, like Sea Bright, the precipitation and high tides were forecasted to bring the usual coastal flooding to Sea Bright — or pools of water taken to the street, at least.

So, in keeping with wishes for voluntary swimming (rather than doggie paddling across the street) and sunnier days, the Retro Pic of the Day takes us back to the mid-1970s a different kind of team — not teaming rain, but swim team(ing).

This is the old Peninsula House Swim Team. Check out those freestyle tans, toothy grins and suits. Remember Peninsula House, commonly dubbed P-House? It was a popular, affordable beach club to team up with RFH buds and join back in the day. Recognize any of the RFHers win this pic?

They’re all about the swim and sunny daze.

— Elaine Van Develde

Swimming in Retro ‘P’ House

It’s just one of those days — an everybody-in-the-pool kinda day.

It’s the kind of day when a Rumson-Fair Haven area person wishes he or she could take a swim, sit on a poolside porch overlooking the ocean and rock. Really rock … in a rocking chair at the old iconic Peninsula House.

It’s been gone for years, but the memories of the giant old hotel-turned-beach club are definitely not. It’s a pretty sure bet that anyone who grew up in the area has at least one story tucked away in the memory and ready to tell about the place that was a beach club by day (and a reasonable one at that) and seaside club by night.

Most locals met up at P House for socializing one way or another, be it at a swim meet, to take a little non-competitive dip, lounging by the ocean in the summer, or rocking in those rocking chairs on that wrap-around porch or to the tunes of one of the bands at night.

So, the Retro Pic(s) of the Day take us back to the spot with some shots of Rumson’s well-known longtime mayor, John Ekdahl, poolside and megaphone in hand for a meet, the entrance to the grand place, some familiar area ladies on the porch and the swim team of yesteryear.


Take a gander and tell us your favorite P House memory.

Peninsula House Swim Team of the mid-1970s
Photo/Facebook collection

— Photos/Facebook collection screenshots