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Retro Having a Field Day at Knollwood

A field day for Knollwood kids in the late 1990s
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Once upon a time, in those school days right before summer, when Knollwood School kids gathered on Sportsman’s Field for, well, some Field Day fun, let’s just say it was a bit hard to keep them focused.

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Retro Fair Haven Kindergarten School Daze

A Knollwood School kindergarten class of 1956 or ’57
Photo/courtesy of George Martin

Well, summer vacation is in full swing and school’s been out for a couple of weeks.

Before you know it, students will be finding out who their teachers are for the new school year and some will be going to school for the first time.

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Retro Knollwood Grad Fashion

Knollwood Class of '74 graduation fashionistas Stephanie DeSesa, Elaine Van Develde (yours truly) and Wanda Becker. Photo/Sally Van Develde
Knollwood Class of ’74 graduation fashionistas Stephanie DeSesa, Elaine Van Develde (yours truly) and Wanda Becker.
Photo/Sally Van Develde

Eighth graders in the Rumson-Fair Haven area have graduated.

Photos are popping up all over social media. And these crews of grade school cronies seem to have a panache we eighth graders of the 1970s lacked. There they all are … posing, arms wrapped around one another, sporting stylish clothes, tans and toothy grins.

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Scene Around: A Knollwood Grad Gathering

Well, the rain didn’t hold out for Fair Haven’s Knollwood School Class of 2017, but, by the looks of things, it didn’t dampen the graduates’ spirits Monday night.

The graduation is and always has been indoors. But, a gaggle of guys and girls from the class gathered after the ceremony for a traditional photo down at Fair Haven Dock and a few others at the ol’ homesteads of grads, captured by mom Jenny Costello.

She said it was raining on the dock, but the grads persevered all in the name of that classic milestone snapshot … and a few more.

Take a look … and if you have any photos you’d like us to add to our gallery, please send them to us at evd@rfhretro.com.

Congrats to the Knollwood Class of 2017! 

The Stokes Connection

Half a century of Stokes! Today marks the milestone for Fair Haven students, parents and Knollwood School staff.

They’re homeward bound, satiated with 50 years of it all.

Some stalwart traditions have changed in the evolution of the trip, but one thing has remained the same — lifetime connections forged and pranks aplenty pulled.

One such classic story is that of Knollwood teacher and Stokes organizer Andy Dougherty and Jenny Jones Costello.

The two grew up as Fair Haven neighbors whose parents were best buds. They, of course, went to Stokes in the 80s. They forged a friendship, as their siblings also did, from the time they were babies. And they were mighty cute babies, as only their babysitter would know for sure (ahem). Call it another kind of family tie. Best of neighbors and second string siblings. It all started more than 40 years ago.

They both graduated from RFH. Still on the block. They spread their wings and flew the neighborhood coop for a bit. Eventually Andy ended up becoming a teacher at the very same school, though not on the block where his parents stayed until they passed away. Jenny and her family ended up back on the same block.

She ended up volunteering year after year to be a parent counselor at the camp. And, two of her children have already been indoctrinated into the Stokes tradition. Andy has become an anchor in the annual trip.

This year, Jenny was back for the 50th with her son Nick, like Mom, a pretty happy camper.

The kids have their own little pranks going on at Stokes. Hey, it’s a tradition. We’ll just pretend for now that such things no longer happen with the young ones. But, since the statute of limitations is up for the “elders,” or something like that, they got right back to it.

In the interest of keeping with tradition, Andy and Jenny revisited an old prank. It all has something to do with a swim suit and a case of botched identity … or not, Doug Herty. And laughs. Lots of laughs.

Hey, that’s what friends and Stokes are for!

So, raise some frozen underwear up the flagpole, put some itching powder in a sleeping bag (well, maybe not) and remember the good ol’ days.  Tradition!

What was your Stokes prank?


Fair Haven Students’ Visit with a Famous Author

Third grade students from Sickles School shared lunch and conversation with children’s author Patricia Polacco.
Photo/Fair Haven School District
A wish came true for students in the Fair Haven School District when children’s author Patricia Polacco paid a visit recently.

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Knollwood Students Get a Glimpse into the Life of an Author

Award-winning young adult fiction author Jordan Sonnenblick speaks to eighth grade students at Knollwood School
Photo/Fair Haven School District
Award-winning young adult fiction author Jordan Sonnenblick visited Knollwood School recently to give students a glimpse into the mind of a writer who explores teenage life.

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Rewind: A Look Back at Knollwood’s Chamber Music Recital

And the middle school musicians played on … in the Fair Haven School District’s annual Chamber Music Recital at Knollwood School recently.

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Retro Knollwood Show Time

“Times have changed,” as the lyrics to Cole Porter’s Anything Goes go …

Yes they have. And they haven’t.

The shows are still going on, but they’re quite different types of productions. The students at Fair Haven’s Knollwood School have staged Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.  The show went on in the beginning of the month.

And, way back in 1974, the school’s second ever musical was staged with the middle schoolers. You guessed it. It was Anything Goes.

Yes, times have changed, and mostly because these days they actually have junior versions of otherwise adult-like shows that aren’t really all that adult.

In fact, in those days, nothing was thought of doing a pretty darn adult musical that starred a, ahem, “lady of the evening” turned evangelist, a gangster and his maul, a stowaway, an heiress and a kooky English gentleman all aboard a ship and involved in madcap farce and love triangles.

Who knew? Well, the 1974 cast  of Knollwood’s version of Anything Goes certainly didn’t.

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