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Retro Winter Warmth with RFH Clowns on the Beach

It may be winter, but the warm memories of good times with old RFH classmates keeps things cozy no matter what. And all warm, fuzzy, beachy thoughts surface when those RFH classmates plan a post-reunion holiday get-together.

Yes, the RFH Class of ’78 is spreading cheer to one another again with a few cheers at Murphy’s on Friday. All friends and classmates are welcome to suit up (or not) and join in the merriment.

All the talk of reuniting and the warmth that memories inspire reminded us of a moment back in time when some RFH girls (we think they’re girls) took to some spectacular sort of sunbathing on the high school stage in their own special (Oh, it was special alright!) rendition of The Beach Boys’ Girls on the Beach in the Freshmen Follies.

The year was 1974 and this little ditty was done with a little lip syncing and sunbathing gear that was telling of what was in some moms’ closets in that era. Sorry, moms, it was a bit scary.

In honor of it all, the triple-dose Retro Pic(s) of the (George) Day are dedicated to this special crew of stunners.

Recognize any of these sun worshippers? Who’s that behind those Foster Grants or Acme specials? Who in this photo was on the RFH Class of ’78 reunion committee?

Somehow, I doubt anyone would be up to some beach blanket bingo with these gals.

Thanks, once again, to RFH alum George Day for this photo collage treat!

— Elaine Van Develde

Retro RFH Beach Babies

RFH girls on the beach at the 1974 Freshmen Follies
Photo/George Day

Well, the sun has finally made its entrance into full swing spring.

Most would say, too, that the time has been right to hit the beach — with full beach gear.

So, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day commemorates setting the stage for a beach day and making that entrance with a look back at some RFH beach babies taking their ode to it all to the stage in 1974.

The girls were entering stage right for a full regalia rendition of the Beach Boys’ Girls on the Beach in the RFH Freshmen Follies.

The outfits made the hosts of the show take a step back.

So, step back in time with us and remember this special little rendition. Recognize these gals? And how about those suits?

Many thanks, again, to the fabulous George Day for this look back! 

Retro RFH Girls on the Beach?

RFH girls on the beach at the 1975 Freshmen Follies
Photo/George Day

Well, about this time of the winter people are doing a sort of sun dance for summer days.

And, back in 1975, a few RFH gals got their gear on (or their mothers’) and did their own kind of chorus line for sunnier days on the beach on the RFH stage.

It was the Freshmen Follies that year and these seasonally appropriate girls did their own dance, clad quite festively, to that Beach Boys classic Girls on the Beach.

Bet you’ve never seen a gaggle of gals like this.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is a testament to sunnier days ahead and, ahem, girls, or something like that, on the beach.

Cheers to the girls! Oh, and how about that stage right crew?

Recognize them?

Thanks to the incredible George Day for this retro RFH classic!