Retro RFH Foul Weather Junior Lounging

Juniors of the RFH Class of ’79 lounge in the Junior Lounge
Photo/George Day

Some moments are meant for just lounging … like the persistent foul fall weather of the past few days. There was a place for that for juniors at RFH back in the day.

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Retro RFH Powder Puff Cheer Boys

The boy cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977
Photo/George Day

RFHers have fallen into football season with the usual panache. Everything about playing the game has always been done in true pro style — from the players to the cheerleaders.

Though, while cheerleaders are still cheering at RFH, they do so with different outfits and cheer style. And seeing cheerleaders all dressed up like some 1977 guys on the sidelines is something that never happens (or at least like this) anymore.

The boy cheerleaders of RFH Powder Puff Football 1977
Photo/George Day
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Retro RFH Study Hall Hijinks

Good times in study hall among RFH buds
Photo/George Day

Rainy days and Thursdays always get an RFHer confined to study hall … or some sort of cubicle cut off from high school antics. But, sometimes students find their own fun in a cube bound by books and school rules.

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Retro RFH Girl’s Soccer

Chris Bowden, RFH Class of 1976 was the first girl to play soccer on the boys’ team.
Photo/RFH 1976 Yearbook

1975-76 RFH Soccer Team Photo/RFH 1976 Yearbook

A reprise in honor of girls’ soccer season at RFH …

Yes, soccer season has kicked in. And there are and have been girls teams at RFH since 1984. But, that was not always the case …

When Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect shared a photo of the boys’ team from back in the late 1970s, RFH grads challenged all to remember who the first girl was to play on the boys’ team.

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Retro RFH Teacher & Administrator Coolness

A look back at RFH science teacher James Parker and Assistant Superintendent Donald Trotter Photo/George Day

An R-FH Retro reprise …

Well, all are back to school at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH), too. Back to school experiences on the brain, we look back to the new experience of high school for freshmen.

With back-to-school thoughts and new beginnings come hopes of a good teacher or two and memories of the ones who we thought were the coolest and, yes, the worst and scariest to a newbie RFHer. There were also those administrators who weren’t just a Charlie Brown teacher voice cawing rules over the ol’ daydreaming student’s non-thought process. Some, or a couple in particular, are remembered as a real education innovators.

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Retro Fair Haven Fifth Grade Class Act & Reunion

Lately, in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, for the students who have little to no knowledge or cares about a vote on a $15 million plus referendum, it’s been all about school pictures. They’ve been more worried about striking that pose without some missing teeth, bad hair or the wrong outfit. Then there’s the class photo. Side-by-side posing and playing around, the snapshot is a lifetime keeper. Call it a class act.

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Retro FH Tigers Cheer!

Fair Haven Tigers cheerleaders circa 1973 or '74 Photo/courtesy of Karen Memmot Hooten
Fair Haven Tigers cheerleaders circa 1973 or ’74
Photo/courtesy of Karen Memmot Hooten

A reprise of a cheery Retro Pic of the Day, originally posted in September of 2016, in honor of the spirit of football for the pint-and-a-half sized of the Rumson-Fair Haven area … 

Can we have a retro cheer for the football season ahead?

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Retro RFH Football Players

Call them players. It’s all about keeping in step with the high school game. And the RFH Football Team played on …

So did the band. Both players of a different kind. Playing to the same tune — the game. But school spirit and team player strength doesn’t always come in numbers. With high school football season on the horizon, memories come to mind of the old days when the RFH Band played on and in step with many more field-marching members than these days. The football team the band was playing about? Not so much. There was a time when the RFH football team was small — smaller than the band that trumpeted the team.

Band was big and so was a big band era decades ago, for that matter. In fact, going back more than half a century, like back to the 1930s, when RFH was Rumson High School, the football team was minuscule by comparison. There was no regional in the high school name. And the population was, well, low. There were sprawling estates, farms (with a lot of asparagus growing wild) and berries aplenty for picking.

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