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A Paddle Back to Warmth in Rumson

Kayaking on a warm summer's day by Victory Park in Rumson. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Kayaking on a warm summer’s day by Victory Park in Rumson.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Yes, the chilliest cold snap of the year has had people thinking more of warmer times — and counting the days.

Well, our Retro Pic of the Day is a toasty bounce back to the summer of 2013 and a fundraiser day that had participants languishing in the Navesink River waters ’til the end.

The event was dubbed Paddle with a Purpose. It was a fundraiser that had people paddle boarding and kayaking in part for Sea Bright Rising.

The participants paddled their way roughly five miles up and down the Navesink, ending at Victory Park in Rumson.

Time for that warm-up!

Do you kayak, paddle or just wade in the river water?  What’s your favorite spot?


Ode to Past RFH Class Presidents

It’s Presidents’ Day.

In honor of that, in our own Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect way, our Retro Pic of the (George) Day honors past presidents — of Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) classes of the past.

Yes, we do have many pictures from the 1970s. That’s, obviously because your editor is from that era (Ouch. Did I say that?).

So, we’ve decided to hone in on the first president of the Class of 1978 — Ward Tietz.

In these pics, again courtesy of the amazing George Day, the prez, in his freshman year, is ending the Freshman Follies and playing ball. Oh, yes, Ward was also a star in the show in this editor’s version of South Pacific’s ‘Honey Bun.’ The guilt is still there from the coconuts I made him wear that caused a major rash. Sorry, Ward!

Who was your favorite class president at RFH? Hail to which chief? Send us your pics at


Swing Back to Surfing RFH Class of ’78 Style

RFH surfer boys at the Sea Bright beach circa 1978. Photo/George Day
RFH surfer boys at the Sea Bright beach circa 1978.
Photo/George Day

Looking back, the cold didn’t seem to stave off the die-hard Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School ocean dwellers.

We’ve seen them in full Polar Bear Club regalia. Now, in our Retro Pic of the (George) Day, here they are again at shoreline of Sea Bright Beach ready for some surfing fun circa 1978.

Donning down and ski jackets, this crew was always ready to catch a wave — of fun in one way or another.

Know them? Of course, you do.

Thanks again to George Day for providing this original photo from the archives of the RFH yearbook.

We welcome any Retro Pic of the Day contributions from further retro eras or more recent times. Just send an email to with your photos and proper credit. Thanks and enjoy!


Getting Crabby About Winter


Yes, thinking warmer thoughts is a salient motif of the Retro Pic of the Day lately.

So, in keeping with the warm wishes of many, we decided to, again, remind everyone in the Rumson-Fair Haven area that there’s no time like the present to think some crabby thoughts about the coming spring — in particular, visions of crabbing at the Fair Haven Dock.

This was the scene last year during a more balmy season at sunset.

Count the days until it’s time hang your own “Gone fishin’ at Fair Haven Dock” sign on the office!

What’s your favorite thing to do at the dock?

Rumsonite Babes of Forrestdale

Mousekteers of the 1974 Forrestdale yearbook. Photo/Forrestdale yearbook
Mousekteers of the 1974 Forrestdale yearbook.
Photo/Forrestdale yearbook

Our Retro Pic of the Day gives a glimpse, from the pages of the 1974 Forrestdale yearbook, into the baby faces of some of the eighth grade graduates back then.

The page is entitled Mouseketeers. Hmmmm.

Do you know any of these “model” students? Where were your baby pictures taken? And which of these gems is your favorite?


Reflecting on the Warmth of Sea Bright Beach and a Buddy

Best buds beaching it in Sea Bright. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Best buds beaching it in Sea Bright.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

That deep chill is still in the air and many minds are on warmth — like the toasty feeling you get when hitting the beach for some sun drenching and catching up with a buddy.

Our Retro Pic of the Day today is dedicated to soaking up that kind of sunny memory.

At the beginning of fall, Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect caught a moment between pals on the Sea Bright Public Beach.

Take a moment to remember such a snapshot in time of your own. And remember that the warmth will return.

Stay warm!

Marching Back to an Old Fashioned Halftime

The RFH Marching Band in 1976. Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot
The RFH Marching Band in 1976.
Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot

With all the post-Superbowl talk about the grandiose pop star-studded halftime, we figured our Retro Pic of the Day should be an ode to simpler, well, high school halftimes.

So, that in mind, our featured photo is of the 1976 RFH Marching Band.

No, there were no myriad costume changes, acrobatics, flying people or gigantic glass tigers (that was a tiger, right?) toting pop star Katy Perry, but these guys had a following of their own and their time to shine on the field.

We won’t editorialize on the Katy Perry popularity contest.

Now, who do you recognize in this RFH photo?

Looking Back at Oktoberfest with Tiki in Mind

Former Fair Haven Mayor Michael Halfacre sells 50/50s at Oktoberfest 2014. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Former Fair Haven Mayor Michael Halfacre sells 50/50s at Oktoberfest 2014.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Our Retro Pic of the Day takes us back to a former mayor and Fair Haven Day fundraiser — Michael Halfacre at Oktoberfest 2014.

Oktoberfest is a relatively new annual event in the borough. It took hold in 2012 when officials decided that people enjoyed the centennial Fair Haven Day celebration so much that they’d have one every year in June.

The Foundation of Fair Haven, a (501c3) non-profit organization, was created to raise funds to offset the cost of the day, pay for fireworks, music and keep the food and drink prices low.

Since Oktoberfest has been such a hit, The Foundation of Fair Haven has decided to organize a luau dubbed Tiki Haven that’s slated for Feb. 28.


Snowfall Scene at Nightfall

By Elaine Van Develde

All was calm in the Rumson-Fair Haven area after the blizzard hysteria settled into nightfall after a manageable snow storm.

People shoveled, walked dogs, sledded down streets and a colorful sunset set in down by the Navesink River.

Life is good and all is well in the R-FH area.

See for yourself.

Click on the arrow in the center of the slideshow above and click on the bottom right corner for a glimpse into the scene set to music. Enjoy!

The Next Generation of Snow Angels in Fair Haven


By Elaine Van Develde

No sooner did the snow start to steadily fall in Fair Haven than some neighbor kids hit the sidewalks in front of their houses equipped with colorful shovels great attitudes.

The gaggle of good little guys and girls got some quality romping and “work” in before it all got too tough to handle.

Between the snowmen, snow piles and festive shovels and grins, it was evident they were next in line for snow angel duty.

Referred to by many residents as snow angels, there is a group of teens in the area who sign up to clear driveways, sidewalks and steps for senior citizens and those with disabilities in town.

Watch out for this group!

Click on any image to enlarge to full size and hit next or previous image for the rest. 

Here Comes the Snow!

By Elaine Van Develde

As the weather outside in the Rumson-Fair Haven area started getting frightful, the view from the banks of the Navesink River was one filled with choppy waters and a blustery dusting of snow.

It all started Monday morning. As forecasts continue to promise piles of the white stuff, it was still stable enough to get out and capture a bit of the clam before the blizzard in the afternoon.

Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect hit the docks in Fair Haven and Rumson so people could get the picture.

Take a look at the photos above to get a glimpse into the beginning of the 2015 blizzard. Just click on any image to enlarge, and scroll.

Rumson on Blizzard Prep


With the predicted blizzard headed the Rumson way, officials are offering advisories on the borough’s website:

• Borough parks will close at dusk;

• There will be no Tuesday garbage collection;

• and Forrestdale, Deane Porter and Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School will be closed on Tuesday.

Residents are also advised, according to a post by Councilman Ben Day, that there will be “NO overnight parking on Borough streets or Borough Parking Lots to allow for DPW Crews to clear. Cars left there will be towed.”