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Retro RFHers’ Great Adventure

RFHers’ adventure to Great Adventure
Photo/courtesy of Marc Edelman, Facebook

It’s a given. Dismal weather makes confined teens antsy. And the dismal weather doldrums of late have given way to aspirations of a simple romp in the sunshine — or something less corny and way cooler than that.

There’s been a promise these days of sun after a run of rain and  soppy snow. So, when there’s a hint of a peek of sunshine and higher temperatures, all good RFHers have always had the spirit of adventure to venture out … far out.

Back in the late 1970s, this crew got the itch to hit the road and sun and literally get to a Great Adventure. Nothing like springing a bunch of RFHers in a spring fever pitch.

They even romped a bit in the fountain … not that we’d encourage anyone to get carried away or take a leap …

So, with February, not quite spring or summer, busting out all over we pay homage to sunny days and the free spirit that comes with them, not to mention the ridding of foul weather ants in the pants.

The fun had here was pretty pure.

What was your favorite RFH teen adventure? Recognize anyone?

Retro RFH Tower Players’ Play Time

RFH’s “My Fair Lady”
Photo/Facebook screenshot

The RFH Tower Players are in rehearsal for their spring musical production of The Secret Garden. The spring musical at the high school is long standing tradition — and one that has come with much accolades for fine artistic work.

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Retro RFH Reunion Bridge Alert

A bridge RFH reunion invite
Photo/Doug Borden

Here we go again … The RFH Class of ’78 is gearing up for its 40th reunion on Aug. 8, 2018 (yes, that’s 8/8/18). There’s a major planning process that has begun, thanks to a fearless crew of volunteers, and lots of meetings and social media notifications, texts, cell phone calls … you name it. Yes, name it. Try. There are all sorts of modes of communication in effect, except one very important one — the bridge!

There was a time when communication was limited to landline phones, snail mail and, well, there was nothing better than getting the word out by just reverting to old school days and painting the bridge.

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Retro RFH Basketball Slam Dunk

A 1970s RFH basketball moment Photo/George Day
A 1970s RFH basketball moment
Photo/George Day

It’s basketball season at RFH. So, we’re bringing this up again …

It’s no secret that RFH has had some slam dunk success with the sport.

So, to honor the basketball season and victory scores, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day offers a look back at the RFH basketball sidelines and the young players, photographer and scorekeeper of an early 1970s high school game.

The uniforms are quite different now. They’re black, not purple, longer sleeved and, yes, the shorts are longer. Hey, that was the trend back in the day: purple, sleeveless and short (shorts).

Who wears short shorts? Wait, that was the iconic line in that Nair commercial.

Well, these guys wore short shorts. And they played a good game. Aside from the old uniforms, that may have us a bit captivated, all the guys in this photo are fixated on something.

All eyes are looking in one direction. And the scorekeeper is staring and poised to push that button and the photographer (Andy Koch?) is focused and ready to shoot.

Anyone remember this moment and what the focus was on? Come on, zoom! Anyone? Now, about those uniforms … black or purple? Preferences?

Thanks again, George Day, for this priceless score in RFH photography history!

RFH Student Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

“We are very proud of our student athletes, and wish them every success at the next level,” Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Director of Athletics Chris Lanzalotto said after 11 student athletes signed their National Letters of Intent on Wednesday.

The RFH students, their sports and colleges are:


• Robby Smith, Dickinson College


• Teddy Sourlis, Babson College


• Justin Johnson, Wesleyan University

• Jack Kelleher, Gettysburg College

• Peter Lucas, Lehigh University

• John McHeffey, Gettysburg College

• Gavin Pomphrey, Gettysburg College

• Alex Sloan, College of Holy Cross


• Margot Ridgeway, University of California, Davis


• Kylie McCabe, Clark University


• Olivia DeBonte, Ursinus College


Retro Clowning Around at RFH


The RFH clown in the class circa 1970s Photo/George Day
The RFH clown in the class circa 1970s
Photo/George Day

The weather has been downright dreary lately. And, on a dreary day, what better to do than clown around a bit. Not that we’re encouraging any antsy RFH students who may be a little bored and have the itch to engage in some mischievous antics …

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Retro RFH Boys’ Fair Weather Ride

RFH boys and their bikes.
Photo/George Day

Ohhhh, February is here and spring is starting to sprout already. The fever is downright piping hot and spreading for many. And there’s nothing like thoughts of spring bike ride to kick daydreams of the season into full-swing gear.

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Retro RFH Basketball Boys

RFH Boys Basketball of the 1970s Photo/George Day
RFH Boys Basketball of the 1970s
Photo/George Day

Yes, it’s basketball season.

And while some things never change, including family names still involved in the sport at RFH, there are also many changes — like uniforms and, of course, the audience.

So, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day offers a glimpse back to a game in the 1970s at which there were some familiar family faces on the court and several popular teachers on the bleachers.

While the photo is, granted, black and white, the colors are probably pretty similar, it looks like these guys are wearing warm-ups with uniforms underneath. Hmmm.

And, well, the guy right in the middle with the aghast look on his face is Andrew Davidson, Class of ’78. What the heck had just happened?

And, we definitely see a Reevey in there and a Scarrone. OK, his uniform gave it away. Who else?

What teachers can you spot in the bleachers. We see Mr. Lee, Mr. Young … Who else? There are quite a few.

Really. Take a guess at what just happened.

Thanks, again, the the wonderful George Day for sharing this moment in retro time!

Retro Fair Haven Snow Day Creation

Photo/Picture of Register photo clip by Dave Kingston

With the big blizzard recently came a lot of chatter about snow days and how to get creative with the white stuff. Well, in the 1970s, a few R-FH area kids took their creativity farther than most would be allowed to these days. And that chatter could have well been the chattering of teeth in the freezing weather.

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