Retro RFH Ski Club

RFH Ski Club of 1974-75
Photo/RFH Yearbook

Yes, winter is still here; and just when the sun shines we are soon reminded of the season with a spate of nor’easter threats and promises and dustings of snow.

With the white stuff in a flurry around the Rumon-Fair Haven area, our minds might be transported in time to RFH days when there was a small group of enthusiasts that loved the snow and took to the slopes regularly — the now defunct RFH Ski Club.

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Retro RFH Keith McHeffey & BFFs


These Retro Pics of the Day (contributed by Gregg Kennedy) were originally run on March 11, 2016, honoring RFH grad Keith McHeffey shortly before the fundraiser run dedicated to his memory. Here they are again, the day before the run, which is slated for Saturday at 11 a.m. in Sea Bright. RIP, Keith McHeffey. You are remembered …

The KDM Fun Run & Walk, honoring RFH grad Keith McHeffey, is set for Saturday.

Keith, an avid athlete and good friend to many in the area, was a victim of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on 9/11.

His friends created the KDM Foundation in 2002 to keep the former Rumson and Fair Haven resident’s memory alive and fund several charitable causes in his name.

Since then, the Fun Run has been known as the annual living memorial tribute to Keith in a setting truest to his nature.

So, the Retro Pic(s) of the Day take a look back at Keith McHeffey in his RFH heyday hanging out with his best buds.

RIP, Keith. Run on …

Retro RFH Baseball Boys

RFH Baseball boys in the dugout circa 1970s Photo/George Day
RFH Baseball boys in the dugout circa 1970s
Photo/George Day

Well, March has arrived, and baseball season will soon be sliding into its RFH home base. The RFH calendar, in fact shows that the there are two home varsity games on the calendar for March 10.

So, it stands to reason that the Retro Pic of the (George) Day should take a closer look back, from another vantage point, of a 1970s RFH game — the dugout.

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Retro RFH Batty Gym Suits

Batter’s almost up at RFH as baseball season is set to go into full swing soon. But, looking back at some RFH 1970s games, you have to wonder when or why, exactly, was there ever a season of the ol’ gym suit.

Really. Ponder it. Those things that made girls look like Stay Puff marshmallows, or, worse, a big baby with a onesie that had enough space for a diaper or, well … you get the picture.

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Retro RFH Batter Up!

Playing baseball at RFH in the 1970s. Photo/George Day
Playing baseball at RFH in the 1970s.
Photo/George Day

Spring is coming and baseball season is starting soon at RFH. In fact, the first varsity games are set for March 10.

So, to honor the start of the season and all hopes for a home run of one, the Retro Pic of the (George) Day takes a look back to the 1970s and with a well known RFH alum getting into the swing of things.

Recognize #22 and remember what his stats were? Hey, batter, batter … who?

Know anyone else in the pic?

And how about those uniforms donning the old RF instead of RFH and the ol’ pin stripes?

Thanks, again, to George Day for another classic RFH photo!


Retro RFHers’ Great Adventure Part II

RFHers go on an adventure to Great Adventure
Photo/courtesy of Marc Edelman, Facebook

Two days of sunshine and warmth in winter. The little respite was enough to get everyone daydreaming about a favorite jaunt back our RFH days.

This group of RFHers set out on their own adventure to Great Adventure decades ago.

It was just one of those days — when fair weather and good friends cured these antsy souls.

Take a gander at the second part of this photo journal.

Recognize anyone? Your favorite getaway when the weather gave way to spring or summer fever?


Retro RFHers’ Great Adventure

RFHers’ adventure to Great Adventure
Photo/courtesy of Marc Edelman, Facebook

It’s a given. Dismal weather makes confined teens antsy. And the dismal weather doldrums of late have given way to aspirations of a simple romp in the sunshine — or something less corny and way cooler than that.

There’s been a promise these days of sun after a run of rain and  soppy snow. So, when there’s a hint of a peek of sunshine and higher temperatures, all good RFHers have always had the spirit of adventure to venture out … far out.

Back in the late 1970s, this crew got the itch to hit the road and sun and literally get to a Great Adventure. Nothing like springing a bunch of RFHers in a spring fever pitch.

They even romped a bit in the fountain … not that we’d encourage anyone to get carried away or take a leap …

So, with February, not quite spring or summer, busting out all over we pay homage to sunny days and the free spirit that comes with them, not to mention the ridding of foul weather ants in the pants.

The fun had here was pretty pure.

What was your favorite RFH teen adventure? Recognize anyone?

Retro RFH Tower Players’ Play Time

RFH’s “My Fair Lady”
Photo/Facebook screenshot

The RFH Tower Players are in rehearsal for their spring musical production of The Secret Garden. The spring musical at the high school is long standing tradition — and one that has come with much accolades for fine artistic work.

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Retro RFH Reunion Bridge Alert

A bridge RFH reunion invite
Photo/Doug Borden

Here we go again … The RFH Class of ’78 is gearing up for its 40th reunion on Aug. 8, 2018 (yes, that’s 8/8/18). There’s a major planning process that has begun, thanks to a fearless crew of volunteers, and lots of meetings and social media notifications, texts, cell phone calls … you name it. Yes, name it. Try. There are all sorts of modes of communication in effect, except one very important one — the bridge!

There was a time when communication was limited to landline phones, snail mail and, well, there was nothing better than getting the word out by just reverting to old school days and painting the bridge.

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