Sickles Halloween Flash Mob Flashback

It was another year, another Halloween parade at Fair Haven’s Viola L. Sickles School.

In case you didn’t get a glimpse into the Oct. 30 event, the school district is giving a look back at the new flash mob dance in the park now.

Students in kindergarten through third grades danced to  Monster Mash and Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) in a performance led and choreographed by Vanessa Berry of Kick Dance Studios in Fair Haven and Rumson. Music was provided by John Angelucci of Monmouth Stereo on Broad Street in Shrewsbury.

“So that’s how we roll around here,” Sickles School Principal Cheryl Cuddihy told the audience. Cuddihy and the Sickles staff members dressed as minions, based on characters from the animated movie of the same name, in support of this year’s school theme, “A Minion Reasons to Love Sickles.”

— Edited press release from the Fair Haven School District