A Little Knollwood Chamber Music

The following is an edited press release from the Fair Haven School District:

Did you make it to the Knollwood School Chamber Music Recital?

If not, here’s a look back at the March 23 evening:

The performances were based on the definition of the original 18th century chamber music — music played by a small ensemble, with one player to a part.

The array of selections ranged from solemn old classics like “Russian Hymnd” to “Dancing in the Street,” and everything in between.

“I am so proud of our music program,” Knollwood School Principal Kevin Davis said. “Ms. Chayette and Ms. Marino do amazing work, and we have so many talented musicians.

“It’s truly a pleasure to come out and hear them play!”

Solo performances included: “Joey’s Jazzy Jam,” piano and arrangement by Joey Cooner; “Sonatina in G Major,” piano by Isabelle Papa; “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Disney’s “Mulan,” piano by Sarah Neczesny; “Scenes from Childhood – Foreign Lands/The Merry Peasant,” clarinet by Amelia Thomson; “Peter and the Wolf,” piano by Victoria Mitterando; “Shenandoah,” horn by Colin Gray; “Rhapsody in Blue,” piano by Lucas Tucker; “Story of My Life,” flute by Anna Phillips.

The traditional grand finale of the annual Chamber Music Festival is a set by eighth grade musicians.

The eighth graders, who also performed at the Teen Arts Festival at Brookdale College in Lincroft this year, included: Shaanti Choi-Bose, trumpet; Joey Cooner, piano/xylophone; Chris Cruz, guitar; Dominic Gasperini, clarinet/piano; Jacob Gerbman, drum set; Isabella Mitterando, trombone; Quinn Nolan, tenor saxophone; Andrew Phelan, bass guitar; Noah Sullivan, bass guitar; Lucas Tucker, alto saxophone/trombone/piano.

The eighth-graders brought the Recital to a rousing finish with their renditions of “St. Thomas,” “A Night in Tunisia,” and “Mr. P.C.”

The evening’s performances were directed by Knollwood School Music Teachers Mel Chayette and Sara Marino.


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