Retro RFH Twirly Halftime

With all the usual buzz about the Super Bowl halftime still swirling all over social media, thoughts go back to a time at RFH when twirling made for a dazzling halftime show — on the basketball court. That’s one way to celebrate RFH Basketball season.

These girls twirled with batons, flags and all sorts of things. They put on quite a show. The outfits were far more modest than those of today’s cheerleaders and other on-the-field or court entertainers. And, while go-go boots my have still been all the rage at the time, these tasseled boots were made for twirling.

They were made for gun twirling, too, as in RFH’s famed Drill Team of the past, headed by the indomitable George Giffin. From the looks of this 1970s photo by George Day, the twirler girls are backed up by a band.

They usually were, thus the music to twirl by, but the band was usually marching on the football field as a spotlighted act or back-up.

Anyone know what particular basketball game the twirlers are twirling for here? Remember the teacher who was the twirlers’ fearless leader? OK, who still has their RFH tassel boots? And what has replaced twirling at RFH, if anything?