Retro RFH Study Hall Hijinks

Good times in study hall among RFH buds
Photo/George Day

Rainy days and Thursdays always get an RFHer confined to study hall … or some sort of cubicle cut off from high school antics. But, sometimes students find their own fun in a cube bound by books and school rules.

In this case, back in the late 1970s, these two gal pals got a little gossiping in between the studying — or hijinks. Looks like they were planning a little something when the camera caught them in the act.

Or were they really just studying and bothered by being caught being nerds? Hmmmm. That’s what happens when it rains. All good students are suddenly sequestered. And antsy. They’ve earned a free period. The weather cancels the free. A study hall or some sort of language lab or something is the only alternative to a little sunshine, serendipity and, perhaps, off-campus festivities (ahem) …

Instead, the only mischief to be made is bound by walls, books and cubicles … until someone wanders or a paper airplane soars through the air … or … you get the picture.

Study hall time at RFH with two Class of ’78 pals Photo/George Day

This one was snapped by RFH yearbook photographer George Day.

These two are actually still friends. Know who they are? Can you guess what they’re up to? And, how about those classic 70s outfits? The high-waisted plaid skirt with turtle neck and matching scarf. The good ol’ fair isle sweater and turtle neck. Your favorite rainy day hijinks in school? Everyone has one …

Many thanks, once again, to George Day for this classic glimpse back in RFH time!