Scene Around: Copping a Badge of Retirement

Retired Rumson Police Sgt. Peter Koenig and Chief Scott Paterson
Photo/Rumson PD FB page

There comes a time when a policeman changes his beat and gets a badge of a different kind to walk, or ride, it.

Rumson Police Sgt. Peter Koenig retired from a 28-year (combined) career with the Rumson and Sea Bright police departments in July. On Aug. 9, Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson issued Koenig his retirement badge and ID.

With that official off-the-beat gesture, the Rumson Police Department wished “Pete a safe and happy retirement,” the department’s representatives announced on their Facebook page.

Koenig began his career in 1991 with the Sea Bright Police Department. He transferred to Rumson in 1996, where he attained the rank of sergeant in 2005 and completed his tour as an officer of the law this past July.

Congratulations Sgt. Koenig!