Retro FH Fire Company Family Time

A gathering of Fair Haven Fire Department folks of the past.
Photo/FHFD Yearbook, courtesy of Evie Connor Kelly

In the wake of a Fair Haven Fire Department award and reflection on the bond among its members through generations, thoughts turn to times when the bonds were forged.

There were all sorts of gatherings and events, some as simple as picnics.

The people of the fire company have remained friends for generations in a special sort of family way. Children and grandchildren in tow for many of those gatherings, social and fire company fundraising-oriented, those children formed a special connection, too.

There are many memories.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day honors those memories of camaraderie and fun with a look back decades ago to a picnic party.

Check out the cat eye sunglasses. That’s a giveaway of the era.

Do you know when this pic was taken and where? Recognize any of the adults? Kids? Who’s kids in this pic are firemen now?